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    • Joseph E . Post 2
    • 01.04.07 | 08:39 (IDT)

    the fact finding trip of the congressional delegation indeed toured the Church of the Holy Sepulcher , also visited the Western Wall , but amazingly didn't visited the Dome of the Rock , despite that the Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison is the first Muslim elected to Congress. it could be that Ellison as a muslim believes that the use of the term "Third Holiest" is driven by political motives and that Al-Aqsa mosque is not the third holiest site. Rather, its, or any other substitute's selection, is based more on politics or the rise and expansion of a certain type of literary genre, known as al-Fadhail (history of cities) than religious theory, May be Ellison knows that the raison d'être of the Organisation of the Islamic conference is to "liberate Al Aqsa from the Zionist occupation", refers to the Al-Aqsa Mosque in a resolution condemning Israeli actions in the city as the third holiest site in Islam, Could it be that Ellison believes that "What is morally wrong cannot be politically right" , , , When us , Israelis speak about Israel , we vow our obligation to the State of Israel that it is/will preserve freedom of religion , conscience , free access to holy sites ect...along the lines of UN basic principles, we Israelis appreciate that the Jews Holy Land with Jerusalem are seen by others religions followers as sanctified and we thus fervently desire to make the necessary arrangements satisfying religious needs for all , parrallel to that , we proclaim , declare , attest that at any given moment we won't by will let Jerusalem and Israel be divided , the same as for 2500 years despite persecutions unparrallel in mankind history , we never relinquished our faith , beliefs , national uniqueness and hope to return to Zion-Jerusalem , , , A nation that faithfully , loyally, devotedly, sincerely, unswervingly, , carried out the 2500 years old first exiled Babel rivers allegiance , oath to Zion-Jerusalem , won't agree to divide Zion-Jerusalem and neither to be foreign ruled after thousands of its sons and daughters liberated for the third time Zion-Jerusalem from complete destruction ,devastation , Internal and Foreign attempts to fabricate borders , tear apart , mutilate , lacerate , rupture Zion-Jerusalem won't bring peace to the Middle East , above all to Jerusalem itself , Israelis have and will again stand up as one organism in essence to defend Zion-Jerusalem as a whole as much as Americans will for Washington , Brits for London and Russians for Moscow , , ,

    from the article: PM willing to start dialogue with Saudis, join regional summit
    First published 00:00 30.03.07 | Last updated 00:00 30.03.07
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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, February 10, 2016.

Herzog dares Netanyahu to annex territories in stormy Knesset debate

In Knesset debate, prime minister mocks Herzog for saying two-state solution was impossible. 'Maybe you're beginning to understand where we live,' he says; Herzog retorts: 'Annex the territories. Let's see what happens then.'

A barbed wire fence at the former Nazi concentration camp Mauthausen.

Survivors dismayed after Austrian official justifies calling Nazi camp inmates 'a plague'

An Austrian prosecutor's statement says it was justifiable for far-right magazine to call people who were liberated from Mauthausen a 'criminal plague.'

Stormy weather in Tel Aviv this week.
Unseasonal winter heatwave expected in Israel next week

Temperatures in the center of the country and along the coast could reach 30 degrees, or even higher, and last for several days.

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Netanyahu climbing out of the Rahav, the 5th submarine in the Israel Navy's fleet

Netanyahu trades Israel's democracy for a shtetl with German submarines

Tossing Arab MKs out of Knesset was a new low in Netanyahu's assault on democracy, but de facto, Israel is already an ex-'Jewish democratic' state.