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    • superjew
    • 12.02.10 | 21:04 (IST)

    why don?t you start with arab rejectionism of israel in 1947...when 50% of the land was offered them by the UN, (your favourite corrupt organization), and which the arabs rejected...ever since, it's been violence directed towards jews to kill them all...and so naturally, Israelis DEFENDING themselves becomes the natural reflex. Move ahead to which time there are NO 'occupied' territories (according to most westerners but not the arabs) yet the PLO (palestine liberation organization) was established to LIBERATE what in 1964? anyone? Buehler? Buehler? This article is stating facts. It is spot on..israel has HAD to defend herself, and nutcases like code pink take issue with that. In 1967, 4 armies were massed on israels borders, about to invade, again, to try and kill all of the jews, so israel fights, wins, takes SECURITY buffer zones, which incidentally, were NOT previously "palestinian", but rather were jordanian and Egyptian?.israel offers to trade it all back in return for recognition from the arabs, and guess what? The arabs say no, 3 times in fact and the violence and murder of innocent jews by arabs continues?.and so israel defends herself again!!..there is no apartheid in Israel and any serious debate of this has shown it to be a complete slander designed to delegitimize Israel? Anyhow, this ad nauseum discussion is a disgrace..israel is legitimate, always has been and always will be?the arabs will never get over that..will never accept hat, have used the most heinous violence openly for the whole world to see, and the far left mixed with the usual racists and large swaths of academia have turned a blind eye towards the arabs who use this insane murderous violence and even in fact fuel it and legitimize the arab death cult? now all of you can say what you want, but to me, this is something YOU should be ashamed of and if you had ANY integrity at all, if you REALLY sought peace, which is your ?said? platform, then you would detach yourself from these lies and vicious amoral murder you are now a party to?if ANYONE should be brought to the ICC, it?s the left, the jew hating academics, and of course, the arabs who promote this. It?s called accessory to murder and accessory to genocide. Not one of you would stand for this in your own countries?but guess what: soon enough most of you will have to deal with your angry muslim immigrants too, and MAYBE then you will FINALLY understand what you must do?it?s either that of convert and become a muslim. THAT IS where this is going..

    from the article: Think tank: Israel faces global delegitimization campaign
    First published 01:05 12.02.10 | Last updated 07:13 12.02.10
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Israel's consul general in Philadelphia sent classified telegram to Jerusalem with grave warning about sentiments in U.S. Jewish community toward Israel's campaign against nuclear deal.

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