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    • Steve
    • 15.06.11 | 09:53 (IDT)

    This is news? Its more about personal observations and begging for the impossible. Net is the one speaking truth and you can thank Obama especially for the wars to come. Can you not hear Iran et loud enough for over 30 years? Liberal cowrds beging and appeasing to war are typical and enemies of the world. Israel is painted in the nuke corner as the reality of the situation. I mean Hizzbulah and Hamas cannot say it louder either! Ramp up the nukes,gas and bios as the only answer. Ill liberals and war are oxmorons with the ephasis on Morons. Obama and Black Liberation Theology /BLT is not any Kosher sandwich yet full of pork. A vote for Obama is a vote against the Jews. if Louis Farrakahan, Wright ,Sherpton, Opera and others dont say it loud enoough then your dear,dumb and blind. Deploy the Nukes and stop being ashamed cowards. The corrupt UN and NATO are ILLEGITIMATE so stop the charade. So Turkeys terror flotilla attack is what? Israels only friends are conservatives in the US with liberal American Jews signing Israels death warrants for reelection as their only game. Europeons cant sell terrorist enough weapons and WMDs they deny Israel. Sorry mate but you/the world is surrounded by Sharia Law as tacticifally stated by Bibi. Watch the web documentary IRANIUM for facts many refuse to hear. Sorry, their is only war and mass destruction by the Barbarians at the gates. Spend your time stating facts and stop dreaming of the impossible. Yes I will Ailya for the wars to come, and draft everyone and especially ideslistic young punks as cowards paying their dues. So stop being weak and man up if you want results, and the only results will be measured by body bags in the millions. Yes, we have been sold out again for oil if Libya is not a clue. Sacrifice Shalit and stop trying to dream the impossible. The ONLY good defense is a strong offence so show them your guns or be lost forever. This kind of stuff only enables your enemies stop trying to please Obama and attack him at will! As a Jew, I have only shame for American amd Ill liberal Jews, and especially with women endorsing Sharia Law. Cut the noise and focus on blattles courtesy of Obama and BLT you ignore.

    from the article: Netanyahu says there's no solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
    First published 01:35 15.06.11 | Last updated 01:35 15.06.11
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