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    • VomitO
    • 05.03.14 | 15:13 (IST)

    Once the unratified Federal Reserve act was snuck thriugh by literally less representatives than you can count on 1 hand on a Christmas Eve, The American Citizens came under a system where they for the First Time and even though forbidden in The Constitution FORCED to Pay Income Tax. Failure to Pay that TAX could and does frequently result in Imprisonment and Seizure of property under unjust and Unconstitutional Circumstances. The Privately Owned Bank known as the Federal Reserve also Prints the Currency which the Constitution Specifically gives guidance which actually FORBIDS the Private Bank from Controlling the Currency. That Bank then RENTS the Federal Reserve Notes to the Government at interest (usury, something a person called Jesus spoke about) which is the Spiraling National Debt. Of course the Federal Reserve Corporation's wholly Owned Subsidiary which is their in House Collection Agency called the Internal Revenue Service handles all the final details of Opressing the American Dihimmi Population and collecting the ill gotten Tax. All this was made possible by the Coup that took over the United States Government in the first part of the 20th Century. So Pay your Un Constitutional Tax to the Privately Owned Bank, Allow your illegally elected sworn in and elected Representatives Conspire in Seditious and treasonous activities to OVERTHROW the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution and Infringe YOUR RIGHT to defend yourself. If you fight back,well you'll be labeled a Gangster and a Criminal and a Danger to Society and you'll be gunned down by the Federal Reserves PRIVATE (and unconstitutional) Police the Constitution Prohibits called the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Oh, I forgot, I am talking about the Treasonous activities of those that seized the Government years ago, I must be Anti American.

    from the article: Under threat, Syria's Christians sign accord with Islamists
    First published 17:10 03.03.14 | Last updated 17:10 03.03.14
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