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Illustration by Amos Biderman.

The PM's new monopoly 'rules' dent democracy

Focusing on the minutiae of the natural gas deal, Israelis have almost missed the absurdity of Netanyahu lobbying for an interest group.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the weekly cabinet meeting on June 28, 2015

Netanyahu prepares to fight world over Iran deal

The PM is hedging his bets and preparing to battle Obama on Capitol Hill once a nuke deal is announced.

Turkish soldiers stand guard at a checkpoint as Syrian refugees from Kobani

Syrian refugees are looking to Germany

Those persecuted in Mideast wars have become part of the scenery of post-war former Yugoslavia in the past two years.

Franz Kafka

The bitter end of a Kafkaesque trial

The court ruled that Kafka's papers belong to the state, but the whereabouts of some are unknown.