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    • Smadar
    • 25.10.12 | 06:06 (IST)

    Once again, Israel is not an " Apartheid state " as I explained last time regarding this survey. Apartheid entails state policies sanctioning deliberate discrimination which segregates a particular race or group within its population. Israel's constitution protects such policies which would discriminate. But there's no doubt that discrimination exists against Arabs, Palestinians, Mizrahim (Middle Eastern Jews) and Sephardim, even Russian Jewry, Ethiopian Jewry,etc. However, this is a societal development not promoted by the Israeli government. It's horrible for decades now that intolerance and ignorance of visible minorities still exists. Believe me, I've been also the recipient of such intolerant racism, so I know what I'm talking about. But to suggest that when a nation has to also take security measures which definitely separate a group of people from normal mobility, it's a costly price for those people and for the rest of the nation. The statistics suggests if hypothetically Israel were to annex the West Bank, only hypothetically, that 40% oppose transfer of population, while 47% support transfer of pop. because of the demographic implication that the Jewish pop. would be outnumbered. It's still close percentages for a fictional idea anyways, and signifies a polarized nation. Again, for the same reason of the demographic implication and really fearfulness, and once again, hypothetically annexing the West Bank, 69% wouldn't want to give the Palestinians the right to vote. Now, no democratic state can even do this. But most importantly, you missed, Gideon Levy, that 48% - almost half of all surveyed - OPPOSE annexing West Bank settlements in the first place which makes the whole survey bogus! Of course, the delay in establishing the original plan of two states side by side have complicated coexistence for both cultures - Arabs and Jews. We'll see what the next election brings.

    from the article: Meet the Israelis
    First published 03:27 25.10.12 | Last updated 03:27 25.10.12
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