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    • Tosefta
    • 22.11.07 | 13:50 (IST)

    Iran's non-oil export increased to dlrs 16.3 billion, indicating an increase of 47.2 percent in the Iranian year 1385 (ended March 20, 2007) compared to the figure for the previous year. According to the Public Relation Department of Iran's Customs Administration on Saturday, the weight of non-oil exports stood at 33.13 million tons, showing a 48.2 percent increase compared to the figure for the same period last year. Some dlrs 443.4 million of the total amount of non-oil commodities were exported through border markets, and other dlrs 48.7 million via carry-on luggage in the said period. The bulk of non-oil exports pertained to petrochemical products including 42.2 and 38.6 percent of total non-oil exports in terms of weight and value respectively. After this sector, other non-oil major export sectors consist of industry with 21.2 and 32.2, agriculture with 4.5 and 13.1, minerals with 25.3 and 5.4 and handicrafts with 0.1 and 3.3 in terms of weight and value respectively. The major export commodities include gas liquids (propane, butane,...), iron-ware and steel, pistachio, and handwoven carpets with dlrs 4.207b, 100.3b, 1.068b and 405.4m respectively. Copper bar, copper products, polyethylene, grease, ore and condensate of molybdenum as well as plastics and melamine made up some 2, 1.9, 1.8, 1.7, 1.6 percents of the total export respectively. The ten major export commodities included 53.6 and 36.8 percent of total exports in terms of value and weight respectively. The bulk goods in view of worth were exported via Asalouyeh special customs office consisting 22.5 percent of total exports of the country through the customs, which is followed by Martyr Rajaie Customs Office. Iran exported the bulk of non-oil exports to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) during the period. The Arab country imported 5.2 million tons of Iran-made goods worth of dlrs 2.544.6 billion in the year to March 2007. China ranked second importer of Iranian commodities with dlrs 1.72 billion worth of goods. According to the report, Iraq, Japan, India, Singapore, Italy, Afghanistan, Germany and Netherlands are among other major importers of Iran-made goods. The total of 60.8 percent of Iran's exports pertained to the ten aforementioned countries.

    from the article: U.S. demands Israel crack down on illegal Iranian pistachio imports
    First published 00:00 21.11.07 | Last updated 00:00 21.11.07
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