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    • Candace
    • 08.06.14 | 02:03 (IDT)

    I am friends with a lot of Syrians and all the ones I know are celebrating. I believe Secretary Clinton had the best of intentions when she asked President Obama to help the opposition in Syria by sending them arms. There were, at the beginning of the conflict, people who wanted to break away. But according to the Syrians I talk to, what that request turned into was arms being sent to forces that got overtaken by Al Qaeda swarming in from neighboring countries to take advantage of the conflict, and after Al Qaeda took over the rebel forces, our government never stopped sending them arms. The citizens who have fled, have by and large been fleeing Al Qaeda, not the Syrian government. And a lot of the original "rebels" have been frightened back to Assad for protection from what now makes up the current opposition, which consists mostly of foreign jihadists trying to overtake Syria. It's not surprising that people who may have opposed him three years ago might vote for him now if he's been protecting them, as they say he is, from terrorists. Here's what it looks like in Syria now. In February, our media reported that Assad was engaged in a stalling technique because he wanted to talk about the so-called "terrorism" that Secretary Kerry didn't believe existed. The same week, this is what was being published over there in their media. A few months ago, researchers at MIT decided to try to put an end to these tales being reported by the Syrian citizens, and they conducted their own research into the validity of our government's claims. I don't think the results were what they expected. While it's true that there are a lot of displaced Syrians right now (I personally know Syrians who have fled the country for fear of Al Qaeda), the "rebels" that Secretary Kerry says were not allowed to vote are made up by and large of terrorists who are not Syrians. Is this the typical pattern with our administration- to argue for illegal immigrants to have more voting rights than citizens? Just thoughts to chew on...

    from the article: Landslide win for Assad in Syria's presidential elections
    First published 22:34 04.06.14 | Last updated 21:40 04.06.14
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