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    • 01.08.06 | 12:36 (IDT)

    This is truly a sad comment which indicates your utter lack of knowledge concerning warfare in general and the Israeli record concerning human rights violations and the killing of innocent civilians in partcular. To refute your hate filled points : 1- The rateof children deaths is in line with the 45% child kill rate by Israel since the beginning of this conflict and is supported by the region's demographics. The fact is that most of the refugees were members of extended families and because some were disabled and most roads out were destroyed by Israel they had no choice but to take shelter in the basement. 2- It took place in Qana simply because Israel has no regard to this issue of supposed 'sensitivity' just as it didnt when it bombed Qana in 2000 - a UN facility at that. 3-Israel has knowledge that civilians deaths will result in most of its attacks as indicated by its record so far and its record in Palestine. Israel reasonably expected that bombing civilian areas with raid after raid of multi-ton US ordinance designed for miltary warfare would kill people. Lots of people. It is at a minumim guilty of negligence and most probably of a war crime. 4- Israel indeed has the capability to guide precision attacks but hasnot demonstraed this during the conflict - given the mouning civilian death toll. This is clear indication of knowingly targeting civilians. If Israel as a state was tried in a cour of international law it would be an open and shut guilty verdict. Israel is a pariah state and is a textbook example of how to identify human rights violations. It will be remembered years from now as a more sinister version of the Apartheid regime in South Africa that was too allowed to become a nuclear superpower and remain unchecked for generations to please political US interests that no-one will even remember 50 years from now. Israeli adults will finally be ashamed of their grandparents when Israel ceases being a Jewish state and the Arab popuation becomes the majority ruled by Zionists

    from the article: ANALYSIS: Giving the war an image of victory, not a draw
    First published 00:00 01.08.06 | Last updated 00:00 01.08.06
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Kako Yamena with her mother Yordanes, in an Israeli hospital after Kako was stabbed in 2014.
Eritrean carer of stabbed baby girl summoned to Holot detention center

The asylum seeker, 36, cared for Kako Yamena after she was stabbed by an Israeli man in Tel Aviv, in 2014.

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Israeli soldiers in Gaza during operation protective edge, 2014.
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Palestinian artist Rehab Nazzal, injured in December by soldiers.
Sounds of occupation shape political art by wounded Palestinian

Whispers, screams and gunshots – heard but not necessarily seen – are integral parts of the documentary-artistic works created by Rehab Nazzal, who was shot in the leg by IDF soldiers in December.

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