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    • Michael Greenberg
    • 17.10.12 | 21:12 (IST)

    LOOK --if CHINA invaded the USA and deported 95% of the AMERICANS settled in its own people who 5-6 centuries LATER got invaded by ARABS who took over and settled in their own people kicking out the Chinese ,or keeping them as only a minority among the Araab conuestor majority,BUT then 2000 years later the AMERICANS return fromall over their diaspora and RE-CLAIM their STOLEN LAND --WHO OWNS THAT LAND? WHY SHOULD THE ARABS OWN IT even IF they manage to be the "majority" in ALL the former STOLEN AMERICAN LAND? DO YOU NOT SEE?---while OF course it is INTOLERABLE that the minority AMERICANS could RULE OVER the "majority" ARABS in that scenario -THEY STILL have a better claimon their formerly STOLEN LAND ! THIs does not mean they SHOULD "rule over" THE ARABS or kick out the ARABS (for those poor Arabs have no place else to go) ..NEITHER does it mean that "DEMOCRATIC JUSTICE" means the "majorityArabs should rule OVEr the minority AMERICANS in such a scenario...LEST you think that scenario is lidicrous--sunstitute JEWS for the Americans and ROMAN for the Chinese and just keep the ARABS and the 2 scenarios are THE SAME... SO ISRAEL (JEW_LAND) HAS TO BE THE "RIGHTFUL" "OWNERS" of the land--but the ARABS in it need a STATE of their own so as not to be ruled over by a minority and invoking the apartheid analogy so beloved by the lefty Pal-lovers.. THE ONLY PROPER solution is for the ARABS to ADMIT that ISRAEL as JEW-Land --OWNS "ALL" the land from the RIVER to THE SEA --AND ISRAEL to admit that the PALS should have their separate state and not have to be displaced that much -THIS is BEST accomlished by 1. A RENTAL AGREEMENT wherein JEW-FREE PAL-LAND pays 1 shekel a year token rent for 95% of the West Bank (it is the best deal the PALS can get) ...ISRAEL also agrees to keep its 20% ARAB minority iF they prefer to stay or to compensate them if tey opt for the PAL "paradise" state... 2. AS LANDLORD--ISRAEL has the right to tell its "permanent tenant" (PAL-LAND) that it must allow Jewish tourism to visit the Jewish holy and arcaeological sites in PAL-LAND and that the PALS cannot destroy suh evidence of prior Jewish "OCCUPATION" before there ever were any aRABS on that land (the PALS would be crazy not to take in Jewish tourist dollars) .. 3. AS LANDLORD --ISRAEL would insist on maintenance of peaceful relations,no PAL threats against Israel and NO MILITARIZATION of PAL-LAND. 4> GIVEN all the above PAL-LAND could take its rightful place in the U.N>,fly its own flag, rule itself on all other matters,enjoy its JEW-FREE except for tourists Paradise state and join the numerous other ARAB and MUSLIM cabal of states in unified BLOC voting distorting the U.N> for their OTHER causes (whatever other unified causes they might have except Israel and Jew bashing).. 5. ARABS/MUSLIMS must get off the TEMPLE MOUNT -especially BECAUSE THE KORAN insists JEWS are the rightful OWNERS OF THIS LAND and as LANDLORD they get to set the terms of any such rental agreement. THE issue is NOT APARTHEOD--it is rather one of PROPER OWNERSHIP .. YOU cannot expect the JEWS to spit on their foundational Torah PROMISE of that land by GOD ,NOR should YOU expect any MUSLIM "TRUE BELIEVER" to spit on his koran--which unfortunately for the ARAB/MUSLIM "STREET" including the majority MUslim Pals ---INSISTS THAT ALLAH IS A ZIONIST--JEWS OWN THE LAND. Again-JEWS are not going to kick out PALS from 95% of the west Bank ---but neither can you expect Jews to DIS-OWN the very foundational idea PROMISED BY GOD to their ancestors. YOU expect JEWS to spit on GOD,spit on Torah (though spitting on some rabbinical interpretations of Torah is erntirely appropriate) ,spit on their Jewish ancestors-JUST to cave to a PAL peace or to cave to some lefty APARTHEID slurr when the circumstances renmoving such aoartheid rule -if you insist calling it that-are EASILY solved IF ONLY THE ARABS ADMIT that the LAND rightfully belongs to the JEWS --per their own KORAN but also per PRIORITY IN HISTORY ---this is a case of STOLEN PROPERTY BEING RESTORED TO ITS RIGHTFUL OWNERS --but for practical reasons and TiKUN OLAM ---the "plight of the PALS" must be resolved. A GIVE-AWAY OF THE LAND to the PALS is the WRONG solution--A RENTAL OF THE LAND (95% of the WEST BANK) to them to have a place to live and rule themselves is the CORRECT SOLUTION. THE problem is the PALS are GREEDY in wanting ALL THE LAND FROM THE RIVER TO THE SEA to rule over for theie cause (whatever mish-mash that cause is) --OR in the minimum,the problem is that they want OWNERSHIP of PART of the JEWS'' rightful land ...NEITHER can be TOLERATED by any self-respecting JEW without spitting on his/jher heritage... THAT jews should give away their land to appease an ARAB CONQUEST? ARE YOU CRAZY? RATHER,if and onlu if ALL JEWS and ALL ARABS and MUSLIMS admit that the ARABS should nevcer have eben been on that land,that the EUROTRASH ROMANS shoulkd never have stolen that land from the Jews in the first place-ONLY then can wwe get to this practical and proper solution via a RENTAL DEAL FOR A TOKEN. THE PAL "muslim cause" is illsionary since ALLAH in the KORAN is a Ziuonist ..therefore PALS hiding behind the cause of ALLAH in this IS INSANE and totally bogus despoite what their lying imamas have told them... Had Rome not "cleansed" this land of majority Jews vua killings and deportations and forced fleeing into exile then maybe a VAST MAJORITY JEWISH POPULATION would have stopped ARAB ISLAMIC conquest cold right on its borders when the ARABS can stealing others' lands out of Arabia in the 7th century C.E.? OR maybe the ARABS would have conquered them and converted them (despite contradicting the KORAN's promise and prophecy for the JEWS)--in which case we would have NO ISRAEL today . BUT history did NOT ACT THAT WAY ....and so THE JEWS came back ,and by miracle RESTORED THEIR "OWNERSHIP" of the place.-just as BOTH TANACH and KORAN stated would happen! THE fact is the PALS and MUSLIMS are so IGNORANT even of what their KORAN states --and they refuse to start "HISTORY" before the 7th century C.E. and so PRIOR JEWISH OWNERSHIP and PROPHECY do not seem to matter one bit.ONLY ARAB and MUSLIm SUPREMACY matter for the "cause" ..THIS is "THE" PROBLEM.. GET the PALS to admit they should not be there,THEN we can start on a practical TIKUN OLAM solution involvimg a simple RENTAL AGREEMENT--and for 1 shekel a year there never was such a great RENTAL BARGAIN in the history of the world. IT is so SIMPLE and ELEGANT a SOLUTION --even the Israel bashing "DEOMOCRATIC LEFT" ought to see the brilliance of such a solution that RETAINS JEWISH OWNERSHIP but allows the PALS theitr JEW-FREE PARADISE STATE. while STILL preserving BOTH TORAH and KORANIC LAND PROMISED TO THE JEWS TO OWN statements by GOD/ALLAH . It should satisfy everyone --but PAL greed to get it ALL in ownership OR to at least DICTATE terms to the JEWS prevents this from ocuuring.UNTIL it ocuurs -the LEFT should just SHUT UP ON APARTHEID -ISRAEL does not want to RULE the PALS--but it MUST NOT SPIT on the PROMISE of OWNERSHIP made to its "people" -that is TO ALL THE JEWS -not just those living in ISRAEL ...CAVE IN TO PAL "OWNERSHIP" demands and ISRAEL spits on all JEWS both in Israel and in Diaspora.. THIS has nothing to do with whether one "observes" Torah or not since we can debate any rabbinical authority to tell the Jewish people what Torah says -they do not have any right in Torah to interpret Torah for the Jewish people--the Torah suggests other mechanisms--NOIT RABBIS... BUT you can't SPIT on the PROMISE made in TORAH of this LAND belong in desyiny to the JEWISH PEOPLE (CHILDRENOF ISRAEL) -otherwise if you cave on that-WHY even bother with ownership of only PART of that promise-devaluing the promise in essence.and if you devalue THAT-you devalue ALL the TORAH for that promise is the ETERNAL linkage inspiring the Jewish people ..SANS linkage it is absurd to even BOTHER going on as "special" in history with a "separate" identity,heritage.fhistory from the other nations of the world .. JEWS cannot spit on this very CONSTITUTIONAL PRINCIPLE --JEWS HAVE GOT TO BE CLEAR -THEY MUST BE ZIONISTS FIRST...this does not mean downtrodding other people's dreams -but rather helping implement those dreams as long as it does NOT INFRINGE ON THEIR ETERNAL OWNERSHIP of this TIINY bit of planet EARTH ....GET the OTHER (PALS,ARABS, MUSLIMS,REST OF THE WORLD) to admit IT ALLBELOMGS TO THE JEWISH PEOPLE ---then we can seek EASY solution to ease the PALS' pain for their own state.NOBODY SAYS A STATE has to be OWNED as opposed to a RENTAL OF LAND ...HONG KONG may not have had a seat at the U.N. during its independent years before being given ack to CHINA:S rightful ownership -BUT for all practical purposes it had its own rule .own identity ...Why not a similar RENTAL of TERRITORY for a state run by the PALS only LET the U.N. seat them as full member ONCE such a deal is agreed to. PAL rights to a state do not trump JEWISH rights to OWNERSHIP which were proclaimed and NEVER relinquished voluntarily by Jews for 2 millenia before RESTORATION to JEWISH POSSESSION was achieved again.THIS TIME JEWS WILL NOT LET OWNERSHIP slip from them . APARTHEID SOLUTIONS can wait .PAL-LAND racist "jew-free" STATISM can wait ---UNTIL tHEY ADMIT THEY ARE NOT the RIGHTFUL "OWNERS" ..get that out of the way-and a BEST SOLUTION is possible for this mess.

    from the article: Israel thwarts UNESCO resolution condemning its Temple Mount activities
    First published 19:06 17.10.12 | Last updated 19:06 17.10.12
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