So for the 4.7 million Palestinian refugees you're saying 'forget international law!' 'Forget there 100s of destroyed villages!' - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Mark
    • 13.07.12 | 17:20 (IDT)

    Liberal zionists like Carlos Stenger, Bradley Burston, this author, know full well that its the failure and inaction of liberal zionists and anyone who talked the talk regarding ending the occupation that has killed the two state solution. Yet they still persevere, despite probably knowing deep down that the current two state solution on the table will give Israel even more of the best land than the 67 borders, keep all that supplementary water control in the settlement areas they will doubtless keep hold of, and ultimately maintain the cantonised control of Palestinians in the 'chicken pieces' of a state they have left as Netanyahu once put it. How long is it going to take, this denial of the injustice that now resides in any two state solution based on 2012 'facts on the ground'. When Mira Sucharov says "Proponents of BDS need to be reminded that until they clearly acknowledge that there are two sides whose respective ethno-national physical, social and identity needs must be met" What she's ultimately saying is, "Proponents of BDS need to be reminded that Israelis wish to continue to live on the graves, ruins of thousands of violently expelled Palestinians and ignore International law entirely, especially UN resolution 194, and keep the billions of dollars arable land, crops and possessions that have been expropriated for our own needs over theirs". Liberal Zionists will continue to cry, "The BDS pillars are so wrong! They're based on international law and the idea that violently expelled refugees have a right to return to where they were forced from! Preposterous!" My heart bleeds for the liberal zionists but sadly they will have to put up with the international BDS call for all 3 pillars including return of refugees. The world seems to be coming to terms with that even if you are not, because they have grown to understand that there is nothing liberal about ethnic cleansing and exclusion. Liberal or any form of zionism is not inclusive of all humans, even those indiginous to the land, whereas the world will slowly come round to BDS, just as they slowly came round to learn that people should have the same and equal rights, no matter the religion, ethnicity, colour or creed.

    from the article: BDS supporters can’t decide on what the endgame is
    First published 13:41 13.07.12 | Last updated 13:41 13.07.12
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