since when was it the palestinians right to decide thats what they want? - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • zionist forever
    • 17.05.13 | 12:13 (IDT)

    They are not Israeli citizens, they do not vote in Israel and as a result they cannot say they want a single state that will replace Israel with right ot return etc. Its like Mexico saying we want a new country that will replace the US and it will be a merger between Mexico and the US. Israel is the only country where it seems to be taken for granted that such things can be demanded. The two state solution was never the one we should have gone with instead of negotiating oslo an international fund would raise billions and offered to Jordan in exchange for giving citizenship to all palestinians. They would all have become Jordanians by default and then the Jordanian forces could have smashed the PLO. The ideal solution today is all the palestinians are made Jordanian citizens and they can then go live in any part of Jordan 80% of whose population define themselves as palestinians. Those now JORDANIAN CITIZENS who don't want to go live in Jordan would be given residency status to live in the territory which would have been legally annexed to Israel. They would be Jordanians living in Israel, they would not have the right granted to Israelis or citizenship but they would be permitted to live in Israel as residents but their citizenship would be Jordanian. A state in just Judea & Samaria is not viable long term because of a lack of natural recourses, not enough water or land mass ( 3 times smaller than tiny Israel ) for a growing population and of course there is the humiliation of not being permitted to have a military whilst all their neighbours are armed to the teeth ( a military is a symbol of independence ot just a form of self defense ) so make them all Jordanians they will be citizens of a country, they would be allowed to live in Israeli territory and of course it makes the settlers happy because Judea & Samaria is now officially part of Israel again. The idea of a single state that replaces Israel is a non starter we will never permit it and the UN cannot table a resolution calling for this because the UN is not allowed to put forward resolutions demanding an independent state give outsiders citizenship if it doesn't want to give them that right. A single state to replace Israel is what the PLO & Hamas have demanded from the start the two state solution has always been seen by Fatah as well as a stepping stone toward that but its a fact we will not let that happen and Israel would probably end up having a civil war if that idea was ever taken seriously. Israel has never agree to the single state idea and so its never happened just same way that if we do have 2 states if Israel refuses the right of return idea it will not happen. The palestinians might have got their UN upgrade but they cannot demand a single state to replace Israel.

    from the article: Senior Fatah officials call for single democratic state, not two-state solution
    First published 01:29 17.05.13 | Last updated 01:29 17.05.13
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