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From right to left: Eizenkot, Gantz and Golan.
Despite PM's stalling, army finally gets new chief

Gadi Eizenkot's experience and skills, and the enthusiastic support he receives from Ya'alon and the current IDF chief of staff Benny Gantz, all contribute to his suitability and preparedness for the role.

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France: 2-year deadline for Israeli-Palestinian peace

FM Fabius presents new plan for restarting talks: UN Security Council resolution and international peace conference in Paris.

J'lem's Arabs, between Israelization and alienation

The recent violence in Jerusalem broke out even as East and West were drawing closer to one another.

Welcome, Diaspora Jews, to the real Israel

For too long, Diaspora Jews have been defending an imaginary Israel. The real one looks much more like the one described in the controversial nation-state bill.