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    • zionist forever
    • 19.06.13 | 12:13 (IDT)

    Her biggest problem is probably her ego, she wants a fast track to the top have people look up at her rather than bellow and as a result she makes mistakes. Bibi doesn't trust Lapid and initially he went to Shelly to join his coalition rather than Lapid even offering her the finance job. Shelly though wanted to lead rather than just heading 1 party in a multi party coalition so her solution was lead the opposition and of course in opposition you have no power so your not much use to anybody. She is the one person that . She has no right to condemn Lapid for his budget because she was offered the job first but she chose to turn it down. She doesn't want to start at the bottom, learn the ropes and work your way up learning from mistakes, she want to reach the top and then start making mistakes at a stage where you can't afford to. Her other problem is while its fashionable to call yourself centrist when it comes to politics she is a good old fashioned socialist who would really feel more at home in Meretz than Labor and she doesn't understand socialism is dead and there is no place for it in the modern world. Israel cannot be a giant kibbutz which is totally self sufficient and so its members can survive without having to venture into the outside world so we can have full equality. She was the party leader everybody had lest faith in during the election campaign. Tried to be the woman of the people rather that the woman who would get things done. It is essential Labor ditch her and replace her with somebody more experienced and closer the the centre that the socialist left because not only is that essential if they want to get elected but if they do not win the election and get invited into the coalition we need realists in government rather than socialists. Somebody who doesn't want to break the bank and look for practical solution to problems. Cut Shelly down to size now and maybe she will learn and in future one day when she is better qualified she can try and lead again. Also for its own good the party needs to end its peace process obsession which has been a problem Labor have had for a long time now. The peace process is not a priority for most people anymore but Labor still act as if it were and they put to much political emphasis on it whilst Bibi says these are the problems we all face right now and these are the solutions.

    from the article: A late awakening for Shelly on organized labor in Israel
    First published 04:35 19.06.13 | Last updated 04:35 19.06.13
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