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    • the truth
    • 01.11.10 | 10:09 (IST)

    Is your brain frozen! you have no concept that living in Eretz Yisrael has unique conditions. are you such an arrogant non-believer that you can't bridle your lack of understanding and try to see someone elses perspective? No, we just have to hear from an assimilated non-observing jew who challenges against anything he just does not get. Once upon a time Sheleg, Jews were known to be the people of the book. not a fairy book that you were suckled on, not just a math book or modern literature that you were coerced into learning. The book is a contract of sorts and rather than saying: accept it without question, Jews studied it, debated it, developed a concensus not from leftist my way only professors, but from quite scholarly people who developed the knack to think honestly with one slight special feature- acceptance and respect of the CEO of the world, G-d. He is our Supreme Court for direction and decision making. No whimsical, arrogant, trendy justices who feign wisdom. Our sages elaborated on the basic contract, our Torah and SIGNING AT SINAI. Your ancestors and mine dove into the Torah, mishnah and gemorah and sharpened their thinking skills and understanding of our roles as Jews often at the expense of a chicken, a second cow or horse or an addition to their one room palace decorated with a dirt floor. Strangely the world saw this race surviving every flood, plague, pogrom and assimilater from within and more strangely clung on to their beliefs. Conversion, threat of death, expulsion just couldn't make these people budge!! Why Mr. Snowman? because they knew their Creator and their mission and would not let the few hundred brilliant scholars and cossacks and priests with a degree of humanity take away their right to keep probing the mysteries of Jewish life and increasing their ability to think and expand their great level of intelligience. Your suggestions are quite infantile and demonstrate embarassing non-connectivity to what Judaism is about. Unfortunately, Sheleg, you give a bad name to Jews for we see how you don't get what your historic mission is. You rather sling mud at someone and something you are totally divorced from. Before you melt away as a very insignificant flake, try to use your overdosed liberal values and learn to understand what you have missed in your lifetime. At least go to a yeshiva and try to weather the storm of intellectual honesty and preservation and at the same time, see how these jews of all lifestyles form as strong a link with Eretz Yisrael's future as you do with your one or 2 assimilating kids, 2 dogs and your 1 meter square TV-entertainment system. The cost of giving small stipends to 98% serious adult yeshiva students is a drop in the bucket compared to the costs of maintaining and funding universities- Strangely, we receive no diplomas after 4-8 years- we get practical skills and longevity and linkage with our past to our future. A great return on a paltry investment. Honesty Sheleg. Just because you and other Haaretz poster children of Jewish damnation don't understand something, it does not mean it is not good. Try honesty sheleg.

    from the article: Netanyahu has no right to succumb to the ultra-Orthodox
    First published 05:12 01.11.10 | Last updated 05:12 01.11.10
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