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Defense Min.: Hamas leaders' fates are sealed

Three top Hamas commanders killed in Israeli strike; Israeli moderately-to-seriously wounded by mortar in Eshkol.

Funeral of Mohammed Deif's wife, Gaza Strip, August 20, 2014.
What would Israel do in Hamas' shoes?

The Palestinian response to the killing of Mohammed Deif’s wife and son will be exactly like the Israeli response in the reverse situation: Vengeance and retribution.

05:06 21.08.14 | 3 comments

Turkey wants to be key player, but Egypt won't let

Turkey will need Egypt's cooperation to play a role in the rehabilitation process of Gaza, and it will have to compete with Europe and the Arab states.

A protest in March 2014: 'No to government of tycoons'
Silly Israelis, this will never be a normal country

Israelis had started to think we lived in a normal country and could worry about luxuries like 'the cost of living.'

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