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    • 03.08.10 | 18:26 (IDT)

    Hey firstly I must say although this paper is Israel made, its being read by Turkish people pretty a lot, well what can I say its good to read both sides right!! ? Keep up the good work guys! Being a Turkish myself; I know we have historical connection both with Arabs and Jews. Although we had mostly problems with Arabs in the past, it seems recent years Turkey moving closer to Arabs. Those European's and people of Israel should ask that why Turkey is moving closer to the East instead of West!!! Only recently between Syria and Turkey visas has being gone and two countries people now can travel to both sides with no question asked? Only recently between Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon an economical agreement being signed!!! Ermm well I think some people should stop and ask another question to themselves now, question that is really important in middle east... a question that’s important both for Israel and Turkey!!! Are we going to be friends again? I honestly want to say yes but I think we both have people on both sides who don’t want that anymore. Although I know that Turkey has being a welcoming holiday destination for people of Israel or a shopping destination. There has being good relations between us in many different ways, you guys eat in Turkey with no doubt about the food and we had your military experience, you guys produce we sold it to countries who are refusing to trade with Israel. We had our citizens moved to live in Israel and some left behind living bigger cities in Turkey with no problem. We had strong trading relations (we still have), we had very good military connections, you come and use our airspace for training and we send our planes to you for modernizations. we had an earthquake you guys were the first one who send help, you guys had terrorist attacks we were the first one who protest it. You guys never liked Syria and Iran and that had being the common interest for Turkey and we worked together for security reasons... and many common interests that we had and have.... I honestly want to say yes we will be friends again but my intelligence doesn’t accept that, I'm afraid its not going to be that easy. While we anti Israel people in Turkey and you have people like Barak, I'm afraid we really are not going to be same old friends. I just hope that we people of both countries can find a way! Until then get together with your friends from Israel and you guys from Turkey maybe we can start again one by one.... Ani veAtah Neshane et HaOlam!

    from the article: Turkey summons Israel's ambassador over Barak's remarks on spy chief
    First published 14:54 03.08.10 | Last updated 14:54 03.08.10
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