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PM's wife took thousands from state in bottle deposits

The PM's wife returned only part of the amount she owed, claims former house manager, who says that Benjamin Netanyahu must have known this.

'Dermer putting Netanyahu above U.S.-Israel relations'

Senior Obama administration official attacks Israel's ambassador in Washington over his involvement in the prime minister's invitation to speak to Congress behind White House's back.

Netanyahu: Iran behind Hezbollah attack from Lebanon

At memorial ceremony for former prime minister Ariel Sharon, PM says Israel will continue to defends itself against threats both near and far.

NGO: Hate group funding RNC trip to Israel

Evangelical political operative planned 9-day freebie trip for national committee members, on behalf of the conservative Christian AFA group which blasts Muslims, gays. SPLC rights group staffer: Our issue is not with the trip, but with the 'heinous beliefs' of those sponsoring it.