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    • Barbara
    • 19.12.12 | 02:05 (IST)

    We are an American family living in Jerusalem, and our three children have studied in both SAR Academy and a variety of Israeli "modern orthodox"schools. There is no school here that can compare to the extraordinary educational experience that SAR offers. It has a magical combination of highly skilled, dedicated, loving teachers, a strong professional administration, an exciting and challenging curriculum, and a highly educated and broad minded community of families. My children got a world class academic, religious and midot education. Unfortunately, in our experience of the Israeli religious primary/middle school system, we've encountered a vastly inferior educational and social environment. Some of the deficiencies are absolutely staggering. I could fill a book. I hate to generalize, but since we've been to so many schools, I feel we have a unique perspective on this issue. I was shocked and so saddened to see so many narrow minded and arrogant school administrators and undertrained, unmotivated and emotionally volatile teachers. Anyone who lives in Israel KNOWS exactly what I'm talking about. In my opinion the only good thing about many Israeli schools is their real estate. They're in Eretz Yisroel, and the most enriching educational experiences happen outside of the school. Now, having said that, It would be a true blessing for the Jewish people, and a gift to Israeli children to build an SAR Academy primary school in Israel that could serve as a model institution and would be emulated throughout the country. This should be our educational standard. To some degree, unfortunately, it sometimes just comes down to economics. The Hartman Institute in Jerusalem has arguably positioned itself as the premier academically challenging ,liberal /orthodox, middle/high school. My son is a student there. Unfortunately space is very limited and literally hundreds of kids and their families vie for the 60 spaces, in each of the boy's school and the girl's school. If they would open up another class, they could fill it in about ten minutes. Hartman relies on paltry government funding that they supplement with private donations, from Israel and abroad. Israel simply doesn't have enough good institutions, and heaven help the child that ends up in a "bad" school.

    from the article: As modern Orthodoxy dies in Israel, it thrives in New York
    First published 11:38 18.12.12 | Last updated 11:38 18.12.12
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