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    • Marc Abitbol
    • 27.05.13 | 03:55 (IDT)

    Aschkenazi Jews have specific rare genetic diseases, The Same is true for Mizrahim Jews who have different rare genetic diseases, For Israeli Beduins who have other rare specific genetic diseases, for North African Jews (who are mixed to some extent with sephardic jews) and have some specific rare genetic diseases such as the periodic disease, Hemochromatosis...... What distinguish jews as a singular genetic population is the sharing of a huge number of what is called SNPs in modern genetics. The high level of endogamy in all jewish communites based on religious , cultutural bases and on persecutions prohibiting intermarriages explains both the occurence of specific rare diseases mostly caused by marriages between first cousins or second cousins. It turns out that All these diseases are autosomal recessive which further confirms the strong role of endogamy and also explains the constitution of a huge number of haplotypes common to most jews. It is also true that muslims anchristian palestinians have many of these haplotypes. What makes the genuine differences between Jews and other human groups is the combination of a specific gentic background which does not provide them any superiority or inferiority and the adherence the sense of a common history, of for a liong time a strong adherence to the same religious beliefs , to the same cultural traditions......... Mr SAND has problem of recognizing himself as jew is his personal problem......All nations are in some ways a creation , an invention . The fact that people recognize themselves asJews define them as Jews ........Mr SAND should read the Books of Dominique Schnaper the Daughter of Pr Raymond ARON the prominent French Jewish philosopher. He was an atheist. He was not Israeli but felt strongly connected to the destiny of all the jews asq he wrote it clearly in one of his books. There are jews who believe in God and other who do not, there are Jews in the diaspora strongly connected to the destiny of the Israeli nation and other not at all......Bruno KREISKY declrared that he had the right to have Hewish parents and not no be Jew at all and it is absolutely true; VANUNU became a christian . He is not anymore Jew....Monseigneur LUSTIGER who was A French Catholic required the KADDISH to Be told after his Death with the sand od Israel in his coffin........and he always said that he felt jewish ........and he was genuine and did not try to convert any jew.....on the contrary........Whatever they are , Jews now after the SHOAH or extermination of their families by the NAZIS they share more than ever a common destiny. Jews according to SARTRE were defined by THE OTHERS ......he did not understand that there is a deeply positive content in the jewish identy....the Jews are not defined by the others. They do exist per se......THey have a common will to persevere in their being. As Far as Shlomo sand writes in hebrew and has an israeli passport , if he goes anywhere whether he wants is or not he will be considered as a Jew....... Germany is an invention , France is an Invention , Russia is an invention as much as ISRAEL and JEWISHNESS.....the language Mr Sand speaks and writes is Hebrew and this language is largely based on the hebrew of the the Jewish bible.....The development of Cultural and national identities is a complex process which occurs over large periods of time......THis or theses processes are based on accumulation of ongoing inventions added to a core basis. In The Case of Jews, the Core basis was a Religion called The Religion of Moses.......The Law of moses is not sufficient to define this religion ADDITIONS of messainic texts , of texts of "wisdom" . In addition comments throughout centuries and diverse religious evolutions constitute now the Jewish religion with many denominations.....and internal conflicts Jews as all human beings have their own contradictions

    from the article: The Gospel according to Sand: We are not Jews
    First published 13:56 19.05.13 | Last updated 13:56 19.05.13
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