samsoul, I will both comment and answer your questions although you refuse to answer the ones I gave you. You write: - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Dov ben David
    • 28.12.11 | 19:50 (IST)

    "Listen. I am not Israeli. Your leaders are not my leaders and I'm not afraid at all". My comment: I am not surprised at all. You as well as all the other Arabs living in Israel say the same thing. Why should you have a reason to be afraid? We don't harm you. You can only be harmed by a Palestinian suicide bomber by being in the wrong place n the wrong time. You say: "I consider myself as Palestinian, so does my family and 10 million other Palestinians on earth." My comment is; that most of those 10 million Palestinians must be in Jordan. I ask you if you thin that Jordan belong to Palestine? I never hear anyone of you Palestinians claim that. No wait, I remember when I was a paratrooper in September 1970 in the "Black September when thousands of you Palestinians ran from Jordan chased by late king Hussein. You preferred to come over to Israel in order not to be killed by the Jordanians. Remember? You write: "I think Jerusalem should also be the capital of a future Palestinian state." I ask you: Do you mean the whole of Jerusalem or only the East of Jerusalem? About your writing on the "Occupation is for me the key obstacle". I agree with you. We tried to give back 97% and land in exchange for the other 3 %, But your leader Yassir Arafat rejected this. Maybe we can try again, but it has to start with us sitting down and admitting that both your people and my people have the right to exist. You write about security that: "Palestinians is even more important as they don't even have weapons, nor tanks, nor an army to defend its territory. My comment: Do you consider Hezballah and Hamas as Palestinians? They seem to have more rockets and guns than most European countries have... You write that; ""Israel's policy consist in gaining time in order to build more and more and grab more and more. My comment is that if this is true, there is a good reason for you to stop You write; ..."hundreds of thousands go down to demonstrate but when it comes to Palestinians and occupation, they are only a hundred considered as traitors to the nation". My comment is that now you are lying to our readers. Were you not in Tel Aviv when we were 100.000 Jews and Arabs together demonstrating for peace? Tell me when there where 100 Palestinian demonstrators going to the streets of Gaza or the West Bank? You write that; "Hamas is not the problem. Hamas did not exist 20 years ago and still Israel had issues with occupation and Palestinians demonstrating in the streets." My comment is: Isn't it troublesome for us to have a "peace partner that promise to exterminate us? You write that: "Even Abbas is considered as a danger for Israel. My comment is that Abbas is finished. He is gone. The question is if Hamas will take over the West Bank, something they can easily do if Israel do not stop them. Regarding Lieberman, he is a hawk and no good for the Israel I love. But we use democracy here, and he will remain here until he is voted out, something I work for. You write: "Israel needs some serious moral examination before it's too late." I ask you; What about your leadership? You write: "Israel has the keys for peace, not the Palestinians" I answer you are wrong! It takes 2 for a tango. You have to accept that we have a state and recognise us and our right to live under the borders of 1967. When this is done, will will do the same. who are ready to establish a State on only You write the you are ready to live on "22% of the territory. That's a major move considering the fact that they used to live on ALL the land." My comment is that: show me Hamas is ready for this. After all they are in your government. You never had "ALL the land" There have always been Jews living here. Dont repeat a lie hundreds of time for to convince the the readers. from 1850 the majority in Jerusalem were Jews. I can proof that to you! You write: "My family lost the house in Katamon. Do you know that area of Jerusalem? I answer you; Yes I know Katamon very well. If you the Palestinians had accepted the Partition Plan by the UN in 1947, Your Palestine would have been bigger than of what you are prepared to accept today. But your Palestinian leadership together with our neighbour countries choose to attack us for to grab as you put it "ALL the land". This is the reason that you can not live in Katamon. Be fair to yourself and your offspring and tell them the truth. now the place is emptied of arabs....something to think about.

    from the article: IDF chief: Gaza war against Hamas was an 'excellent' operation
    First published 01:50 28.12.11 | Last updated 01:50 28.12.11
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