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Rocket explodes in Ashdod synagogue, three injured

LIVE UPDATES: Man injured in Be'er Sheva rocket explosion; Rocket lands in open ground in Gush Dan. Hamas executes 18 suspected Israeli informers; U.S. joins EU effort for UN Security Council resolution to end war.

Gaza execution
Hamas executes 18 'collaborators' in Gaza

The executions, which were carried out by firing squads, come a day after Israel assassinated senior Hamas military commanders.

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How many civilians is a single militant worth?

Fully 76.8 percent of Palestinian fatalities have been civilians, according to Gazan human rights organization Mizan. The UN puts the figure at 71 percent. Israeli figures are much lower.

Don't question the left's loyalty to Israel

What happened to the Israeli left, and where is it headed? An interview with former Meretz leader Haim Oron.