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    • Yoni
    • 05.12.11 | 17:10 (IST)

    Really, if we got off the religion equals nationality and understood what a Semite is and it is a matter of language, and culture, simple as that. If it happens to be that you are a Jew, goodie for you but stop shoving it down our throats, you already cut part of me off and then brought me up to believe all that pie in the sky stuff just to be forgot about like many others who were talked into Aliyah and lied to about the equality there. I am not saying you are not surrounded by murderous enemies. I just know we need to internalize a whole lot more. We need to be realistic for a real change and keep religion completely out of government and especially the military unless you want what is happening in Egypt and if that happens, I will cut my ID cards right up. Hebrew, Arabs, Samaritans, so many more, and it isn't just a matter of being politically correct. It is a matter of being factual and going beyond bigotry and political spin. Enough is enough already! Dai kavar! Nimas lanu. Halas Li! Move forward, make the draft for religious go to national service cleaning the streets and planting trees while keeping them from burning up. Or I don't know, enforce laws for mandatory secular subjects so they can at least have a choice? So much more could be done and you are misdirecting yourselves and letting the Islamist countries goat you into their own game. Stand up and set an example. Focus on enforcing agreed borders and maintaining what can be maintained. I am no pacifist. Let them have their sovereign nation and then see what happens when they go after civilians. Read what the laws are on that! I for one at this point do not care if I or anyone I know goes and spends time in Israel right now. I am completely embarrassed as I used to live on Bezalel St and can only imagine what it would be like to walk to Maheneh Yehudah market where it is a risk in itself to go to every day as I did but to see that? Sorry, this is one person who would not tolerate intolerance and if someone spit in my face for not wearing a kippa or something along those lines, I would not be kind in return. Wake up Israel.

    from the article: U.S. Jews, use your influence to stop Israeli incitement
    First published 03:08 05.12.11 | Last updated 03:08 05.12.11
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Margi meeting with Aksioniov, February 10, 2016.
Ukraine tells Israel it may prosecute Shas MK who visited Crimea

Israeli lawmaker Yakov Margi allegedly violated Ukrainian law by meeting with the president of the Russian-installed government without Kiev's permission.

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Shin Bet chief Nadav Argaman
Netanyahu names Nadav Argaman as next Shin Bet chief

55-year-old Argaman, currently deputy Shin Bet chief, to replace Yoram Cohen in May 2016.

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Israeli soldiers take position in the West Bank city of Hebron, September 22, 2013.
Israeli soldier gets 7 months after filming his abuse of Palestinian detainee

Soldier hit and kicked prisoner, and filmed on cell phone as colleague gave detainee an electric shock in 'brutal' attack.

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Thousands march in Tel Aviv in protest of incitement against Rivlin, leftist NGOs. December 19, 2015
Israel's angry, bitter left must reclaim the language of hope

We leftists whine and complain, we only talk about how bleak and hopeless life is in Israel. We alienate all those Israelis whose support we need to bring political change.

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