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    • zionist forever
    • 13.03.13 | 16:11 (IST)

    Lapid has Bennet in his back pocket and they have done a deal whereby either they are both in the government or they are both out and the only way Bibi can get a coalition without Lapid is if he can get his sidekick Bennet who is also refusing to join a coalition with the haredi parties. If Bibi doesn't get his coalition by Friday then the deadline will have run out to form a coalition and by law we will have to hold another election. Lapid would probably prefer an election to joining the government because he is on a high right now with his fashionable but pointless anti haredi policies. People are bored with Bibi partly because he has been in politic for a long time ( a sign of responsible leadership ) and eventually even the most loved politician people get bored of. Bibi also cannot compete with Lapid because of what they stand for. Bibi represents a mainstream party and with the mainstream people either love you or hate you and you have to address a whole range of issues ( serious ones that affect us all ) when you lead a here today gone tomorrow party which Lapid is that campaign on popular policies rather than serious ones then as he has never had to prove he is not all talk and no substance in government. So Lapid would probably win a second election and no matter how much you love him the man is not fit to be PM. Before now he has never had any political experience so he is a total rookie and he would be the PM which is not a job you get into by jumping in at the deep end because every single decision this ammeter makes will affect us all so do we really want a man with no political experience being ion charge of how to deal with Iran, the economy, job cretion and all the other serious issues that affect every single one of us so if Lapid were to become the next PM because he forced a second election now his supporters and anti Bibi crowd would love it but for the country as a whole it would be out the frying pan and into the fire. Also this man who is so obsessed with gettng the haredi into the army is a fine one to talk considering he spent his army career talking on the radio, Bibi at least saw combat in the Yom Kippur war and was in the special forces and since getting into politics he has served in a variety of positions starting at the bottom and making his way to the top he didn't just enter politics as PM. These election results have been a sad day for Israeli politics because it has given to much power to opportunists with no political experience.

    from the article: Netanyahu threatens to bolt to Haredi parties unless Lapid drops 'exaggerated demands'
    First published 13:37 13.03.13 | Last updated 13:37 13.03.13
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