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    • noor
    • 21.05.05 | 00:57 (IDT)

    Yes we learn different things,and also I can apprciate there can be honour in death,but to take a child give him or her explosives and blow up children,this is not honour,you have been sold something that is the most unreligious thing????????? Ronnie, I don't know a single Palestinian who believes such a thing. We respect all life. There are extremists on both sides, and we consider all to be guilty of murder when they kill innocent Palestinians or Israelis. No Palestinian mother wants to lose her child, whether at the hands of an Israeli or as a suicide bomber. I too have children and they don't always listen to what I tell them. If one of them died as a victim of Israeli violence I would be devastated, and if by their own hand I would grieve for my own child and for all the victims of his action. I don't know a single Palestinian mother or father who feels differently, even though many of them live in the Occupied Territories and have suffered far more than I myself have. I can understand, as I'm sure you can, how it must feel to lose a child or a parent and to feel defenseless and afraid every time your other child goes to school or out to play. Believe me I'm not justifying anyone who attacks civilians inside Israel, but I wish more Israelis could really understand what it is like to live under such an occupation. Despair can drive people to do terrible things. Israel always seems to believe it is the victim, because of suicide bombings which I would give anything to have never happened. But in truth Palestinians suffer such violence and more every single day. Israel seems to think revenge is acceptable for them but never for us. I myself don't believe in revenge for anybody. When a parent loses a child in war it is rare that they will condemn their child's actions in public. When an Israeli soldier dies in Palestine, or an American soldier dies in Iraq, all we hear from the parent is pride in their child's decision to go to war. Perhaps it's because they need to believe their child died for something. I don't condone suicide (or homicide) attacks on civilians, but we believe that every killing of a Palestinian by an Israeli soldier or an Israeli settler is an act of terrorism. We don't understand how anybody can justify violence by Israelis, even when children are targetted, while blaming Palestinians for every violent act they commit. All we know is that many many more of our children have died from Israeli violence (we call it terrorism) than the other way around. So we aren't sold anything. We hear rhetoric, as you hear rhetoric. I have already read quite a bit of zionist rhetoric right here which shows me that many Israelis don't even recognize our right to live. It is difficult for me to understand that kind of hatred. But I do believe that most Israelis -- most Jews -- are basically the same as most Palestinians. We just want peace for everybody.

    from the article: Something for everyone - to hate
    First published 00:00 20.05.05 | Last updated 00:00 20.05.05
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