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    • Mona
    • 05.09.05 | 15:38 (IDT)

    ''how could their own selves be an inspiration to do such a terrible and reprehensible act?Tell me are these bad muslims uneducated and know nothing of the Quran? Don`t they themselves too study the Quran under renowned muslim scholars and can quote the Quran better or just as good as u can?'' Let me guess you already think i am a fanatic just because i am defending my faith here,I wear a veil I pray and i love my muslims??does that make me a fanatic muslim girl in your eyes?? I know you didnt make this up and I also know what youre getting at,I watch the same news channels and have seen those young men speak of holy Quran and islam before they go off on killing spree.thats just what I am trying to tell you,they are brainwashed by the terrorists who play on their young impressionable minds,their personal tragedy since most suicide bombers have lost a family memeber or friend to israeli agression and the terrorists fill their minds with temptation of heaven and rewards since those men have no lives at all in palestine thanks to israel and its agression towards them.Islam is being used here by the evil people to justify their evil deeds,islam is not merciless or cruel infact in Islam to kill one innocent life is same as killing whole humanity. In islam suicide bombers are hell worthy.No1 has the right to take away another life if you do you deserve to be punished. Just as there are many impious clergies of islam who teach hate so are there similar jewish and christian clergy,wasnt kahane one of them??Didnt a jewish extremist killed nearly 40 worshippers in holy Al aqsa mosque in 80's which led to the first intifada,he even has a shrine in israel. You are unaware My Allah is same as your HAshem and christian GOD,just cuz you dont believe that will not make it untrue or make my belief in it lessor.I believe that,Allah is the Arabic name for GOD and its highly ignorant of you not to know that.

    from the article: From dust to dust
    First published 00:00 04.09.05 | Last updated 00:00 04.09.05
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