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    • zionist forever
    • 29.09.13 | 16:13 (IDT)

    Sanctions can have limited effectiveness but they are not the be all and end all and sometimes the threat of force or even force itself thats going to change thing. Just about every sanction possible was placed on Syria for the past 2.5 years but it did nothing to calm things. When it came to Obama CONSIDERING some military action over chemical weapons use suddenly Assad wants a diplomatic solution on his chemical weapons but sanctions alone would not have made him give them up. There have been more and more sanctions placed on Iran over the past 5 years and it has not helped in the slightest because Iran is not only moving forward with their nuclear plan but they are bringing more and more centrifuges online all the time. Unless there is a serious threat of force and if it comes down to it actually using force sanctions are not going to stop Iran. Iranian logic is ride it out, get the bomb then start doing diplomacy on our terms which will result in the west accepting we have nukes and so they may as well get used to it and welcome us to the nuclear club. The sanctions are hurting but not enough to stop Irans nuclear ambitions. Rohani is nothing but a sweet talker and he is not serious about any of the lovely dovey Iran of peace garbage he has been spewing in an attempt to get sanctions lifted without Iran having to give up their nuclear program. Even if Rohani seriously wanted to give up the nuclear program which I very much doubt the president is not the one who pulls the strings in Iran thats the ayatollahs and they want nukes so if they think Iran should have nukes they will lay down the law to the president who will say yes sirs. This new moderate Iran is still arming and sending Hezbollah fighters into Syria, if Rohani told them to leave Syria now then by tomorrow morning they would all be gone, they provide weapons and money to Assad and openly support him so where is the moderate on Syria? Bibi has to keep on about Iran and make the world see Rohani is trying to pull the wool over everybody's eyes because if he doesn't Obama & the Europeans who just don't like confrontation will be content to bury their heads in the sand, remove sanctions and continue to play diplomatic games where we go round and round in circles achieving nothing whilst Iran moves forward with its nuclear program. If Bibi doesn't speak up and make sure the western powers continue focussing on Iran then who will, mr non confrontational Obama who doesn't even want the US to be playing world policeman anymore. If Bibi doesn't keep up the pressure nobody will and Iran will get nukes. Only difference between Rohani and Ahmadinejad is Ahmadinejad liked to have the image of a no nonsense firebrand whilst Rohani wants to be the sweet talker who sounds nice and reasonable until you take off the facade and you find Ahmadinejad underneath.

    from the article: When it comes to hypocrisy, Rohani is no challenge for Netanyahu
    First published 01:12 29.09.13 | Last updated 21:44 28.09.13
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