revolutions are chaos so go home leave the government time to deal with problems rather than worry about being toppled - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • zionist forever
    • 31.07.11 | 10:17 (IDT)

    Gideon Israel's socialist roots were not some kind of golden age, just the opposite things were much worse then than they are since we embraced capitalism. This was not a country with rich and poor there was poor and not very rich. Taxes were high and we were heavily indebted. Israel was not an attractive place for foreign investment. Today unemployment is at its lowest in 20 years, The US has just recomended that loan guarantees should end because Israel is now considered to have a robust enough economy, we have big companies investing in Israel ... non of this would be the case if we went back to our socialist past. Taxes would go up and alot of those big businesses who are in Israel today will close their plants and relocate to a country where they can make more profit, in a global economy thats not hard to do for a big company. We will have to borrow money which means cutbacks in other areas. Whilst the government will give us more in handouts the value of paychecks would reduce in terms of spending power because paychecks don't go up just because taxes do. Socialism is not paradise and all socialism will do is destroy the economy and turn Israel into the next Greece and Israel will become a very unattractive place to do business and so it will create a vicious circle. Socialism just doesn't work and it never has. There is no magic bullet to solving these problems what do you think will be achieved if we topple the government? Bibi has actually talking about spending real money in an offer that was rejected to build 40,000 new affordble homes what have the other parties actually said they will actually do to solve this problem which this government WAS NOT responsible for. This government has been around less than 3 years whilst these problems have been growing for decades ( under both right and left wing governments ) The housing problem in cities like Tel Aviv will never be solved no ,matter what government does because you want to live in a big city your always going to pay a premium, thats the price you pay for city life. The solution to the housing problem in general is one this government has actually try to address and thats to get people to move out of the big cities move into the Negev and Galilee. As long as the majority of the population want to remain based in the centre of the country and the coast then prices will be high ( supply and demand ). If people are evenly spread throughout the country prices will come down. If we want to address the problems then we need less of the romantic revolutionary spirit which make such good headlines because revolution is just another word for chaos and instead give the politicians a chance to go away do some brainstorming and actually start taking actions rather than making promises in an attempt to calm things and avoid being toppled. Then next year when the election comes round then judge them by their actions when you decide who to vote for because that is how democracy is supposed to work ( not knee jerk responding to protests ) If they did a good job great reward. Would you rather Bibi was brainstorming with his cabinet on how to spend or do you want him to be giving speeches so people have made themselves heard now, leave the government to get on with deciding how much to spend and on what and then judge them on election day .. its not romantic but its more practical

    from the article: Gideon Levy / Israeli protesters must remain in tents until time is right
    First published 01:32 31.07.11 | Last updated 01:32 31.07.11
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