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    • Mike
    • 06.05.05 | 20:59 (IDT)

    Interesting, this board. I thought that the point was to provide some feedback to the article, but I see that there are some regulars here who seem to 'enjoy' a dialogue between themselves (dialogue as defined by the immortal Shaike Ophir, namely if monologue = one person talking to himself then dialogue = two persons talking to themselves...). Specifically to some of the comments addressing my former post- 1) Yes Samar et al, I acknowledge that we need to dismantle some settlements and withdraw to close to the '67 lines. A prime minister I believed in was assassinated trying to forward a reconciliation, and alas the Palestinians have not been helpful in this process, to say the least. The result of the terrorist responses to Peres' and Barak's efforts have been a return to scepticism on the part of most of the Israeli left (including myself, but apparently excluding Mr Schocken). Israel will evacuate Gaza and watch carefully to see if it becomes another Singapore, or an extension of Iran/Lebanon. The choice is yours, and no doubt for every action on your side there will be an equal and opposite reaction on ours... 2) Dorothy- you do like to play with numbers, don't you. Consider also that Israel is no doubt the most dangerous country on the planet for Jewish drivers, simply because it has a majority of Jewish drivers, therefore by your logic we should start riding donkeys? How many Jews lost their lives in the last 50 years in the Soviet Union? Not to mention per day in Nazi Germany? If you think this country is so dangerous and there is no hope, why you have every right to leave- a right which is not taken for granted in any other country is this happy happy Middle East... 3) For those who argue that the 2 state solution is impossible since the Palestinians will not have enough land (a problem that doesn't seem to hamper Singapore or Monaco...), why then please negotiate your bilateral state or confederation with your Jordanian or Egyptian brethren. Linking the West bank to Jordan and Gaza to Egypt should allow you all the wide open space you apparently crave... 4) Forgive me if I don't respond to all the others. I originally simply wanted to make a point to Mr Schocken, I hope that he at least reads it. And my desire to discuss our problems with various well-meaning and misguided individuals on the other side of the planet is somewhat muted due to the fact that most of you can happily pontificate without bearing any of the consequences of the courses of action that you advocate so eloquently. But do continue regardless, I'm sure it is an effective and inexpensive form of therapy. Good night, shalom and salaam

    from the article: Does Israel want peace?
    First published 00:00 06.05.05 | Last updated 00:00 06.05.05
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