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    • Erol
    • 23.06.10 | 11:51 (IDT)

    1. The people killed on the flotilla were Turks not Arabs. There is a very big difference. 2. The Turks have always been a "military" nation since their history began 3000 years ago. Israel knows this, Arabs know this, the Turks will never sit down and let their ship be taken. They are all "trained". 3. Turkish Islamists are more peaceful than any others in the Middle East. Muslim does not automatically equal terrorist. 4. Turks in their history have always protected people of the "Book". The Greek Orthodox Church is still in Istanbul. I attended Christian mass in 5 languages including Armenian in the 1980s when I lived there. I had friends that were direct descendents of Jews who ran away from the Spanish Inquisition and took refuge within the "muslim" Ottoman Empire and kept their identity for 500 years. The Jews living in Turkey still carry Jewish names which believe me, they stand out, and they practice Judaism openly. 5. Until the flotilla incident, 300,000 Israelis would have vacationed in Turkey safely and openly. People would have cared less where they came from. Israel was a friend. Turks in their history never hurt or oppressed the Jews. 6. The Turkish brand of Islam was the origin of Sufism that include the great Yunus Emre and Mevlana. 7. Turkish people were in shock and were angered by the Israeli action. This action was abusive and not warranted in the capacity it was acted out. The Turks were never enemies of Israel. But Israel seems bent on portraying them as such after Turkish-Iranian relations have improved. The fault is with the Israeli government. 8. Turks lose Billions of dollars every time the U.S. takes action in the ME. In addition, fighting terrorism costs the Turks billions of dollars a year and many lives. Turks warned the U.S. against the invasion of Iraq. Turkish National Security concerns and their fight against terrorists wanting to take land from Turkey are real. A war with Iran will only make things worse for Turkey, so one can not put blame on Turkey for trying to keep peace in the region, even if it means increasing relations with its neighbors Syria and Iran. 9. Erdogan was diligently working on improving peaceful relations between Syria and the government of Ohlmert when Israel decided to bomb Syria using Turkish air space without telling Erdogan. 10. I am no fan of Erdogan. But if Israel wants to keep dealing with him then it should keep acting the way it is so that Erdogan and AKP can build their political future on it. 11. No matter what happens, Turkey has the strength to fight multiple wars against multiple enemies at the same time. Turks have done this for more than 600 years. If Israel makes an enemy of the Turks, it will only impair Israel's security and threaten Israel's future. Because the Turks were tested time over time, battle hardened, fire tested, and survived. Just look at the Turkish record during WW I and after, Korea, Cyprus. I have heard from a number of U.S. veterans that there were "elite" Turkish forces in Vietnam that were like ghosts in the jungle. Believe me, Israel has nothing to gain from making enemies out of the Turks but has a lot to lose from a severed friendship.

    from the article: Malaysia seeks emergency UN session on Gaza flotilla deaths
    First published 04:13 23.06.10 | Last updated 04:13 23.06.10
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