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Likud MKs furious over PM offering Bennett Ed. Min.

At least four senior Likud MKs wanted that job for themselves; coalition talks enter final stage.

Air Force plane brings first Israelis from Nepal

Nepal earthquake updates / Nepal death toll rises to 3,218, thousands wounded; number of Israelis who remain unaccounted for down to 150.

Anti-Boycott Law protest - Emil Salman - July 2011
Am I trying to destroy the Jewish people?

Apparently yes, according to the ruling of an Israeli High Court judge who drew on the Passover Haggadah to support the anti-boycott law.

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Dreams lost in Nepal quake nightmare

Thousands of young Israelis finish their army service and head for the Himalayas for carefree trekking. But this year, the trip to Nepal has been unusually treacherous.