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    • Jack Dee
    • 28.12.05 | 21:47 (IST)

    Israel cannot survive if it cuts itself off from its religious heritage and its Zionist root. However, it can't survive much longer if it continues on its current path. the entire idea behind Israel was a Jewish state and tht ideas was what gave its founders the courage to work fight and die for it. But it was one task to carve out a state based on religious and tribal membership and another task to make it work. The political ideology that Israel was founded on has failed. In many ways it is a wonder that it has survived as long as it has. 2 factors have made this possible the second leading from the first, The first is the massive support for Israel from American Jews who are non-resident or only temporary resident of Israel, this has led to strong political economic and military support from America. The second factor is the massive military superiority that Israel currently enjoys over it neibourghs. If either of these two disapear then Israel is doomed.And how long can either of these last, america will not be a superpower forever and no military however strong will be the strongest forever. How long do you think ths state of affairs will last ? 50 years ? 100 years ? 10,000 years. The current batch of strategic analyst in the IDF should consider what their position will be if Iran gets the bomb AND China becomes its patron AND the $US dollar tanks. Then Israelis will recognise the truth that their nieghbours are in Bethlehem and Nablus not in L.A. and San Franscico. It is only with their active co-operation and not cowed submission will Israel survive, the residents of the occupied terrritoties have to be given a positive reason to help Israel. People need a passion to strive and achieve. It was the Zionist dream that founded Israel but it cannot sustain it as the Religious Zionist ( is there any other type ?) only looks back at the recorded and interpreted events of the past. They just dont have the sophistication to accurately plan for an uncertain modern future. I enjoy disscussing these events please feel frr to email me with any ( polite and well reasoned ) comments

    from the article: The Right / Religious Zionism sets its sights on leading the country
    First published 00:00 28.12.05 | Last updated 00:00 28.12.05
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