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    • Karoon Morgandine Aganemnon Justified Empress Kiai
    • 22.11.11 | 20:07 (IST)

    Part of the plan was to take the nations back to God worship and to teach from that point on and freedom of religion. Most people didnt believe in God in the first place. From France to Russia down to Iran there was void of God truly in the soul especially from Hungary over to Russia and down. We did a survey and it said 4 of every 25 people believed in God that was it. So I decided that freedom of religion was needed I wax sealed and dna tagged as Empress. I dont care how you worship God but he created you and he designed you for his pleasure of seeing you in goodness and not to harm you but to prosper you always. He blesses and he loves you he created you from the first cellular conceptive moment. You are important to lifes pattern every thing you do gives you a defining moment be it you grabbed that child out of the front of the car and that child later is your surgeon who saves your heart to that child being the next President and meeting you later in life saying God thank you for saving me God put you there for such a time as this. IN some nations they worship 5 times a day some 3 times a day some everyday once some once a week but they worship God. Then it is their choice to decide if they wish to worship Christ as their God or Christ as the prophet or Christ as the teacher of God's will, or Mohammed as Gods will upon our souls, or Mohammed as the prophet of Gods will, or Mohammed as the deliver of heaven to a death soul.. Buddah as the way of life and teacher of dreams, or Hindu which teaches peace of the soul. As I said before I waxed sealed this as one muslim faith, I sealed as catholic faith, as a protestant faith and jewish faith, or Dali Lama as teacher or Hindi. With this statement there is no more religious war allowed of the people. We are not again NOT reformation of faith. We are in respect of FAITH. I said no one world religion. Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I do not mind people having the opportunity to chose I do mind you standing outside their house screaming on a bullhorn you are hellbound unless you worship my way. That is an arrestable offense. If you get stoned one way or another that is an arrestable offence. I think and believe in worship of truth of God but I swear to God you order one person burned at the stake your the next to be burned at the stake. If you order someone stoned I will know about it we will find out why and judgement served according because in other nations affair are encouraged on tv and they do not know any better. They are like flapping fish on the concrete in life trust me it is sad. I think if you teach of Christ healing and someone joins to learn that is fine the same if Mohammed teachings. I think open learning is justified. Not a beheading about it. Curiosity to see what the difference is. I think we need more handicapped worship services available for the elderly TBN does a nice job for the homebound I have sent to the Vatican a request for television show as well or merging with TBN as a God and Christ based religion. The difference is the world without end and the drive for sancitity before Armegeddon which they worship that more than they do God sometimes. I also asked the Dali Lama to create a show or advise for the homebound same for the 5 Islamic muslim sanctions to calm and sit as one people learning and worshipping. I saw a line in the Koran that said there should be peace upon my soul not death sent to destroy and keep me tied to my enemy forever. I walk away. I walk away from the dog that is dead in my heart I see no more the rangled mutt of the past. I was intrigued even more. Someone once said getting rid of you is like kicking a dead dog. I looked at them strangely and remembered that line. That just God working in my life. I walked away with dignity Thanking God I was free of that relationship. I kept thinking I am free holy cow I am free. I think the Jews need to decide among the Rabbi and I appointed Rabbi Eckstein as the Rabbi advisor to France to Russia down to Iran and Jrslm especially. We need to remember to respect others beliefs but human rights issues need to be addressed there is so much abuse that others say religion allows that we cannot accept all of it. I think there needs to be a council meeting. Thank you for every thing you have done. I have to say something to my overseas security as well. You know how people want to touch a royal and flock around them and encourge them the standing trend in USA right now is to attack and scream their ideas at them and slander for their political power. Can my security from over seas come here or hire new here so I have security here like I do in the rest of the world. Especially around the children. I know we are safe but I have never experienced attacsk on my persona before and this is poor behavior not acceptable. I love to walk among my people and get to know them without anyone knowing. I have never had people attack me before. None stop non respect I am asking the corporation to step in that protects us I left the address note in my office. My persona religious veiws are very private like voting issues are very private. I think that stands with everyone France to Russia to Iran. I can do very little for Iraq but we do want the transportation road open from Israel through Iraq through Iran up and over. With all new highways and tranports so the world can expand and trade can grow again. Karoon Morgandine Aganemnon Justified Empress Kiai Karen Marie

    from the article: Prominent Israeli rabbi faces criminal probe over anti-Arab remarks
    First published 13:11 22.11.11 | Last updated 13:11 22.11.11
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