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U.S. airdrops arms to Kurdish forces in Syria

On Sunday, Erdogan said Turkey would not agree to any American arms transfers to Kurdish militants battling Islamists in Syria.

Brazen Hezbollah could trigger third Lebanon war

Analysis / Israel must reexamine the prevailing assumption that Hezbollah is still deterred by the IDF following the 2006 war and is not interested in a confrontation.

Sometimes, emigrating from Israel is enriching

Discussions about emigration from Israel too often resemble the discourse about divorce: Any parting is perceived as a tragedy, even if the couple’s relationship was stifling and made them miserable.

The Israel Defense Forces’ own little startup company

As fighting raged in Gaza this sumer, Yiftah – a small, low-profile army unit – was developing battlefield technology on the fly and delivering it to troops, sometimes within hours.