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    • Tosefta
    • 16.07.07 | 16:55 (IDT)

    Many people mistakenly think that Terror is what is responsible for the Occupation, and if terror stops there will be no occupation. This is very false, as history shows: I. 1967-1977 The Labor party in power. Allon proposes to annex Gaza and annex the eastern 1/3 of the West Bank plus a strip Jerusalem-Jericho that will divide Judea from Samaria. King Hussein and the Palestinians refuse and want all back. Allon's party (Achdut Haavodah) is actually for a one-state solution.Annex everything. Dayan wants all under Israeli control. To maintain control, build 5-6 Jewish areas in West bank. All this has NOTHING to do with terror but with Jewish nationalism. II. 1977-1992 Likud in power, and opens up the entire West Bank for settlements. (Previously, only few settlements where Dayan or Allon thought they should be.) The Likud move is ideological. Zero relation to terror. III. 1992-1996 Rabin/Peres in control. The first Intifada (of stones) convinces them that there must be a separate Pal state and they go thru Oslo. You might say that here terror helped SHORTEN the Occupation. IV. 1996-1999 After bus bombings by Hamas, Netanyahu comes to power. Hamas here helped prolong the occupation by returning the Likud. Also Rabin's killing did. Thus Jews and Arabs collaborated to prolong the Occupation by ideological Jews. V. 1999-2001 Barak (Labor back) to finish Rabin's job. Camp David fails, but not because of terror. The Second Intifadah (terror) causes Barak to fall. Again, terror causes prolongation of occupation. VI. 2001-Present Sharon tries to fight terror but fails, and leaves Gaza. Olmert now wants the Wall as border. One can say that terror convinced the more moderate Likudniks (splitting from Likud) to agree to a Palestinian state. Thus here terror SHORTENS the occupation. CONCLUSION: The occupation was an ideologically motivated in Israel. Terror convinced Israel that it cannot work. Collaboration between Israelis and Pal terror twice caused the return of ideological Likud which wanted the occupation anyhow.

    from the article: Nothing to sell the Palestinians
    First published 00:00 16.07.07 | Last updated 00:00 16.07.07
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