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    • Daniel
    • 09.01.13 | 12:52 (IST)

    Australians often look to the outside world to look for measures of excellence. I am an Australian born Jew who has been living in Israel for the last 16 years. I grew up in a wonderful environment in Australia where the news coverage was as a whole balanced, open minded and not overtly politically polarized . The outgoing former head of the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) once gave an interview where he was asked how the ABC managed to give such balanced international media coverage whereas so many other news agencies around the word failed to do so - His answer was beautiful in its simplicity (I might be paraphrasing as I do not recall the exact words) - "In international matters we had no axes to grind". Regretfully it seems that at least for a few news agencies the tides have changed. As an avid and respectful reader of "The Age" (Fairfax Media Corporation) from days gone past I have been extremely disappointed with their coverage over recent years. I am particularly critical of Paul McGeough's extremely biased coverage of the 2010 Gaza Flotilla episode, where he was a participant on the boat. He compared the Israeli gunboats that intercepted the Turkish Flotilla as "Hyenas Hunting in the Night", portraying his perceived disgust at the Israeli raid but failed to report the mitigating circumstances leading up to the raid, and furthermore neglected to report the extreme violence that many of these peace activists perpetrated in this event, even though he was there to witness it. He and other reporters such have Ruth Pollard have regretfully crossed the line of impartiality, and have joined the ranks of those with "axes to grind", as is the case with all too many media outlets today. I wish I could recall the name of the outgoing director of the ABC. He is a national hero and his leadership approach for representing news should be exemplified the world over. Aussies - look not to the BBC, Fox news or CBS. You have it already with the ABC (of old and hopefully of the present).

    from the article: Jewish leaders in Australia say media not so 'fair and balanced' on Israel
    First published 09:31 09.01.13 | Last updated 09:31 09.01.13
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