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    • Professor
    • 18.05.10 | 22:55 (IDT)

    Wow. What passes for journalism these days. Reading articles like these are very upsetting, but with the risk of sounding too emotional I'll argue Burston with just the facts. 1. Losing a war: that's debatable. The border with Lebanon is the quietest it has been since Israel's creation. Nasrallah admitted himself that had he known Israel's response, he would not have started that war (deterrence). Not to mention, any time body count, economic and infrastructure damage, captured combatants, and loss of territory are higher on your side, I consider it a pretty poor victory. Also, UN is on LEBANESE territory meant to monitor Hezbollah. Furthermore, I tend to believe that as long as Israel is still existing, the Arabs have not won a single war, since that has always been their main objective. 2. International quarantine: nothing new. Arab boycott, Islamic countries not recognizing Israel. They are a HUGE part of the UN, and with their vast oil resources, populations, and territory, they sway other countries to adopt anti-Israel positions. Factor in old-fashioned anti-Semitism (2000 years of deep-seeded hatred doesn't just vanish) and Israel basically IS the world's scapegoat. 3. Obscene Museum of Tolerance project: since Bradley gives no explanation of why this project is "obscene" I won't bother debating it. 4. Israel is at war with Hamas and other groups that explicitly call for it's destruction. As such, don't expect Israel to treat territories under their control as any other neighbors. I doubt the Soviet Union let too much supplies into Nazi Germany. Negotiations are key. Yet it is the Palestinian side refusing to negotiate for the moment, and everyone knows they have been offered peace deals in the past (it's their right to decline, but face the consequences). 5. Lawlessness is a problem in almost any society. Not necessarily characteristic of fascist ones. 6. So thinking that Israel is not fascist is characteristic of it being fascist? Hmmm..... 7. Yes. But there are millions and millions of people around you that dedicate their lives to your destruction. "Death to Israel" is chanted after Friday prayers in Iran by tens of thousands of people. 9. Who says that Israel allows anyone to do what they want? 10. I believe that organizations should be allowed to choose whom they fund. So if, the Jewish federation doesn't want to give money to people that don't have the same beliefs, then that should be their choice. To deny them that-now that would be fascist...

    from the article: A Special Place in Hell / Rebranding Israel as a state headed for fascism
    First published 15:12 18.05.10 | Last updated 15:12 18.05.10
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