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    • Eleanor
    • 17.09.11 | 14:45 (IDT)

    While the Orthodox take the next 1000 years to "rethink" what they ought to have rethought 2000 years ago, the entire pagan world might have become Jewish, but now the world will simply move on with less Jews in the world. Too bad they thought it "unclean" to eat with those pagans who wanted to attend Jewish services. Too bad they couldn't be happy if a pagan circumcised his son but no, in the days of no antibiotics and no sterilization they wanted an adult to be circumcised. Have they not heard that the Bronze Age is over? Have they not thought that a woman doesn't want to hear a man say he is glad he wasn't born a Gentile or a woman? Do they really think they can tell all the Russian Jews who actually suffered in the Soviet Union because they were Jews that they are not quite Jewish enough and might G-d forbid have a non-Jewish ancestor and therefore they have to convert? Today in the 21st century? I thank G-d that the state of Israel would allow my half Jewish grandchildren to be citizens under the right of return if they wanted to do so, because I sure couldn't count on the clergy, now could I? In fact, I can count on the clergy for nothing. How the heck is it, in the day and age of DNA, the child of a Jewish father cannot be Jewish without converting? Now no problem for the child of a Jewish father to be a Christian is there? See, another possible Jewish child gone to waste due to the Orthodox ultra right. Who are the Orthodox Rabbis anyway? Just old men who were once little boys who went to school to be Rabbis. They cling to what is unhealthy about Jewish society and have in some part, to do with the horrid assimilation that goes on in America. The Jewish people need a religion we can work with. We don't have it and thus turn to other things. I know Norman Cantor's book was widely criticized but the man made salient points and knew his history. Simply criticizing because it doesn't fit the outdated plan will not work over the long run of history. Is this in part what the Jewish people have never understood? Here I am, a Jewish American woman, almost 70 years old with no religion. Really, no religion except the one I made up for myself, a belief there is a G-d. Not good enough. It was never good enough. It only worked in the ghettos of Europe and elsewhere because Jews were isolated. You cannot tell me my part is only in the home! You can't make me happy to go off to some other side of the Western Wall and think I will like it. You cannot push me aside. I am not a Muslim woman. Always when times were good we assimilated. There is a reason for this and the Rabbis refuse to acknowledge it. They turn a blind eye. They are now old, (note the photo), soon they will be gone, and tell me, who really is to take their place? The few left over, waiting for a mythical Messiah who will not come, while treating those Jews who are not Orthodox as not worthy to be Jews? This all really angers me and always has. They do not read anything but what they themselves have to say. They do not read James Michener's book which explains during one entire chapter, why the child of the Jewish father and the pagan woman, rejected by Judaism, (except if he went through some stupid humiliating few years in order to be accepted), turned to the church. It was time, when Israel was established, for the Orthodox to take up Conservatism, etc. They did not, and thus an entire Jewish community, small as it already is, fragmented into a million pieces.

    from the article: Rethinking the Orthodox embargo
    First published 17:12 16.09.11 | Last updated 17:12 16.09.11
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