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    • Dutch
    • 21.05.05 | 19:03 (IDT)

    Khalid---- Thank you for your post. You have raised many questions most Israelis seem to ignore--but we are not. The Palestinian people are not the children of a lesser G-d. Indeed, I don't know where G-d is in today in Israel. People seem to have lost sight of their moral compass and are worshipping another G-d--the golden calf of the military and settlements. Today, Israel represents corruption; oppression; greed; morbid racism and a shocking immaturity. Israel seems to take all and give nothing. Indeed, it pillages its neighbor's property and builds illegal settlements on it. Then it subjugate the Palestinian people to maintain this corrupt system. Like teenagers -- Israelis only see themselves in the mirror. They want the keys to the car and the house and access to money but they don't want to abide by the house rules (international law). Today, Israelis are violator of Human Rights, breakers of international law; an occupiers; an oppressors; a colonizers; racists and imprisoners. I am sure they will deny this too. That's the usual response or they need to protect themselves. ( People don't buy this anymore.) It is about time they started to grow up and recognize the shocking state of human affairs they have thrown the lives of the Palestinian peoples into to maintain theirs own. (I feel the appaling conditions the Palestinian people are forced to endure reflects their great sins of omission. ) Dutch P.S. Thank you-again for your post. It touched my heart and my sense of injustice. I am so sorry for the plight of the Palestinian people under Israeli occupation. It shames our support for Israel. Your Letter: Toward the end of the article, the author says Israeli citizens would have to look at each other...the leftists to the settler, the settlers to the state...etc. However, Bradley Burston nowhere even suggests that Israeli Jews would have to look at their Palestinian neighbors and subjects as human being? Are not the Palestinians the crux of the matter after all? Then why ignore them like this? This is morbid racism, it is ugly and virulent. Mr. Burston, are we children of a lesser God, expendable, disposable? What happen to the collective soul of the Jews? Has Zionism been that successful and that effective in drying up all the human grace that once identified Jewish traditions? Khalid

    from the article: Something for everyone - to hate
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