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    • cairean
    • 16.07.05 | 16:35 (IDT)

    I can't believe it! The settlers have to show their ID's at a roadbloack and they tatoo their ID's on their arms! What would they do if they had to go through the roadbloack as Palestinians? What would they do then to spell it out to the solidiers that what they are doing is as nazi as the holocaust? Burn themselves, like buddhists, to say: you might as well do that to me than to expect me to go along with what you are doing to me, my us, all of us? and doing it here, doing it to here, this place , where I am, my home? do you expect me to allow this injustice? I'm sure their reaction would be stong,especially if they stick to the Holocaust narritive, if they had to go through what the Palestinians go through, so thank goodness they just have to show theor ID's. I mean, it's what people do at broadly differentiating roadblocks that they are one of two or three groups? Mullato, black or white; Hindu or not; From Downtown or across the tracks; native, coloniser or imported slave; etc? depending on who you are; you expect certain treatment from the roadblock organisers, you learn it. you also learn a relationship towards not only the guards, but also the others passing through. like getting into a nightclub or the gold card queue at the bank; not everyone is treated the same. I find it ridiculous that the setllers are so appaled at what they have to go through at roadblocks. When the Holocaust Survivors came to Palestine`and killed it to recreate Israel, before the humiliation of 50 years, the Palestinians at zionism's roadblocks probably acted more like these settlers than the Palestinians of today : more indignant and incredulous: but how!? this is mine! it's mine, what do you think you can just take it?! just come here out of the blue an!.BANG! .......if the IDF would just shoot a few settlere like the Holocaust Survivors shot the Palestinians, they'll find they can get immediate results in terms of aquiesence, the settlers will come to terms with their powerlessness, deal with it, swallow their pride and move on, for a while, until they can get some guns themselves and maybe a tank, if they can: just like the palestinians that did not get shot, did not get burned, gouged, murdered, blasted, drowned, mass executed or run over by an Israeli: the Israel Survivors. Israel! That Nakba that befell all those people that were living in Palestine when the Holocaust Survivors arrived. Every palestinian today is either one; or a descendant of; an Israel Survivor; and that's what the IDF need to watch out for: if they do use their well honed genocidal skills and occupation tactics on the settlers; the Disengagement Survivors will insurge and persist and persist, guerilla like in the dense confused fog of the israeli mind; becoming more indignant at victories and more humiliated in defeats till death do us part or justice is upheld.

    from the article: Settlers `tattoo' ID numbers on their arms
    First published 00:00 15.07.05 | Last updated 00:00 15.07.05
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