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    • ranman
    • 20.09.11 | 06:51 (IDT)

    Calling on all our friends and peace loving people, we shall focus our efforts this September, when President Mahmoud Abbas will declare to the world that Palestinians are alive and fed-up with waiting, fed-up with double talk, we are fed-up of being treated as less than humans in our own home land. The president will declare to the world we are here to claim what’s rightly ours, the State we were promised but never delivered. Even Obama promised Palestinian state in September. Let us all, Palestinians, Arabs and our supporters all over the world Jews, Christians Muslims, and all in between, voice our very loud support to president Abbas and his advisors . And I urge everybody, specially our friends in Europe, to start demonstrating and doing all you can in support of President Abbas declaring a Palestinian state in September. Call your members of parliaments and your heads of state in your respective countries and urge them to VOTE yes to create a Palestinian State. This will be our last chance and we have no other alternatives ... The Zionist dogs are moving in unprecedented speed catching and confiscating Palestinian lands and building facts on the ground in the JORDAN VALLEY in an anticipation of the UN approving the creation of Palestinian state in September. That’s why we need maximum effort from all peace loving people to stop these criminals from creating facts on the ground and then make it impossible for a Palestinian state to become a reality. MY message to Mr. Obama: Put America on the right side of history. Don’t VETO the resolution to authorize the creation of Palestinian state this JULY. Don’t let America be isolated and don’t alienate the rising new nation of Arabs. All 400 million of them, a new generations of sophisticated Arabs are watching to see If America is led by you or it’s led by AIPAC. Mr. Obama: Vote yes, because it’s the right thing to do... Vote yes because it’s the Moral thing to do. Vote Yes to Give the Palestinians some equality to sit and decide the final solution to the conflict. Mr. Obama you have been giving the NOBEL PEACE prize, SO, use it to make peace .Great presidents are known for doing great things …This is your chance.

    from the article: Capitol Letter / Obama is stuck between a veto and a hard place
    First published 02:57 20.09.11 | Last updated 02:57 20.09.11
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Kako Yamena with her mother Yordanes, in an Israeli hospital after Kako was stabbed in 2014.
Eritrean carer of stabbed baby girl summoned to Holot detention center

The asylum seeker, 36, cared for Kako Yamena after she was stabbed by an Israeli man in Tel Aviv, in 2014.

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Israeli soldiers in Gaza during operation protective edge, 2014.
Rehab village sees wave of former Israeli soldiers seeking treatment after 2014 Gaza war

IDF operations have led to 'waves' of Israelis suffering from a psychotic episode or other mental health crises to seek care at Kfar Izun holistic treatment village, says founder and former officer Omri Frish.

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The Sde Brir phosphate mine, near Arad.
Israeli desert town mounts court fight to protect air quality

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A rabbinical court in Jerusalem.
Suit claims gender discrimination in Israeli rabbinical courts’ tender

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