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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, right, and France's Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius

French FM to visit Israel, PA to revive peace talks

Fabius seeks to persuade all sides to accept a French UN Security Council resolution that would set parameters for talks.

An archive photo from May 2008 showing American immigrants to Israel.

Israel recognizes African-American converts as Jews

After challenging validity of non-Orthodox conversions, Interior Ministry backs down in legal fight.

Rohingya refugees wait to be rescued by Acehnese fisherman off the coast of East Aceh, Indonesia

European Jews in 1939, Rohingya in 2015

Will the world act to prevent a 21st century SS St. Louis?

People watch the burning of the 'Effigy, Adam & Eve' exhibit during the Midburn festival

Israeli 'Burning Man' damages archaeological site

The burning of the Midburn fest's 'temple' harms a legacy as much as 150,000 years old.