"...symbolizes the day they lost their land, property and status." - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • heyverne
    • 15.05.12 | 12:04 (IDT)

    Are there no Palestinians who are citizens of Israel in good standing? Did not Yassir Arafat lead a Palestinian army into Jordan and once there, make himself and his company a pariah by burning Christian Churches with people still inside, giving his militants orders to shoot anyone who escaped out the windows? Did not the Jordanians kick Arafat and his gangsters back across the border, to "occupy the territories" they had left behind, and later did he not take 8 billion in aid from the US he was supposed to dig wells and build schools with, while keeping his people hungry for the revolution by putting the money into a numbered bank account? Was it not until the Israelis came home that the Mosque of Omar received its upgrade with money from Arabia, including the Golden Dome? If a golden dome, why not schools that teach useful trades? Wells, irrigation? Looms to weave cloth and machines to sew clothing? In other words, some have citizen status and useful jobs. Oh, and a few have the status paid for with money coming into the country for mutual objectives in both places. All while surgeons from Tel Aviv are saving lives of Palestinians, some at no charge to the patients. I know of a Gazan knife incident that ended with the blade through a Palestinian's upper forehead exactly between the hemispheres of his cerebral cortex. He crashed a truck into the gate and stumbled to the door of the Southern Baptist Hospital where my in laws were volunteering in 1981, but nobody there could do brain surgery there so a nurse attended him in the back of a fiat while a driver took them from the Hospital in Gaza (later shut down by “the good guys who are the only ones who care about the needs of the community”, Hamaas. For a relevant perspective see “Son of Hamaas” the book.) driving to Tel Aviv to have the knife removed by a neuro-surgeon, from his brain, and aftercare until the man was well enough to return to Gaza. How about the status, encouraged by the Israelis and thwarted by Hamaas, of being esteemed worthy of free medical care? Could that status have been "lost" by kicking the “dogs” out the gate to run away so the kids would be upset and blame the “local authorities” for their failure to return to give security to the family?

    from the article: Nakba is part of Israel's history
    First published 03:15 15.05.12 | Last updated 03:15 15.05.12
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