" HOPE ..FULLY "Is not , alone a sure a start to a faster change into a democratic system.. - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Israeli Oleh- originaly from POLAND
    • 03.03.11 | 15:29 (IST)

    Aprocess of democratization relied always on the social and philosphical foundation of a nation striving to be democratic. In France there were Votaire, Russeau and other social philosophers who laid the morla foundation of democracy in France.. True,you ave before you the experience of many other nations which became democratic ,.. and the French did have the Voltiares and Ruseaus' ...We can not see at this point in time,such philosophical and social thinkers among Egyptian. intelectuals and among the organized parties or organizations. The most visible and vocal are the Moslem Brotherhood and opportunists like Dr. AlBaradei who flew in and jumped in into the protesting masses on Tahrir Square. Al Baradei's opportumism is glaring... Like Lenin Jumping in (actualy smuggled in by Germas to forment further instability in Russia, weeks before the October Bolshevik revolution. Result of Lenins and his Bolsheviks filling the leadership vacuum resulted in a brutal 81 year Dictatorship from 1918 to 1989. Eventhen Soviet Union hasnot transformed into a true democracy and Russia is ruled in a simmilarmanner likea Mafia rule over a neighborhood. You must realize that Moslem Brotherhood , being a religious movement doent bode well for the future of democracy in Egypt. There was never a case in history where a religious movement or party came to power and run any country in a democartic way. Unless you consider the Islamic Republic a democracy, which it is not. The Council of Ayatollah decides which candidates can run for presidnt and then among those allowed a preselected candidate "wins" as in the example of Ahmedinejad. Based on the analyses and observation of Egyptian political history since 1952 it is highly predictable that another General or a person supported by the Military Junta will run Egypt in a variant of an authocratic model. There is a syaing in Polish" Nadzieja jest matka Glupich-Translated " Hope is the mother of the stupid"... You must have other ways to achieve democracy not only your sincere expressions of hope. Egyptian people have a steep mountain to climb.. Good luck Emad. We wish you and Egyptian people the best.

    from the article: Egypt prime minister quits amid calls for Mubarak-era purge
    First published 12:09 03.03.11 | Last updated 12:09 03.03.11
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