"Good Men Dont laways finish first" Peres was not select by Likud because of his "Mizrachi: - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Israeli Oleh- originaly from POLAND
    • 22.03.11 | 15:09 (IST)

    but because there was a close to 50 years oppostion to the candidacy of the Ashkenazy Shimon Peres. Peres did a wonderfull service to Israel as the negotiator with European countries for weapons and technologies. He was on the ground dealer with french defence politicians and contractors. Shimon Peres negotiated the purchases of Mysters, Vautour, Supermysters and Mirage jets for IAF. Peres was driving Force and negotiated the french Nuclear technoly for Dimona. Peres launched the civilian electronic industries starting with Tadira. BUT PERES WAS PERCEIVED AS BenGurions Hit man and not a fair nor trusted politicians. He was a Shimale the intrigue maker. Rabin Did not trust Shimon, Likud dispaiced Shimon. In fact Shimon Peres never won outright were running against any other political opposition leader. Shimon didnot even beat the neophite Likud Leader Shamir. It was a draw and they split the PM term. Shimon lost the election to Natanyhu after Rabins assasination. Shimon run for Presidency(Knesset Eelcts theppresidents) and lost to the Katzav who wasn't a political power house. Likud nknew that even Katzav would defeat Peres. The only reason Peres finaly got elected as President was because Hequit Labour after defeat by Amir Peretz. Peres true to his reputation as a schemer joint Kadima and made a deal with Ehud Olmert for support of his candidacy for President. At that time Katzav was already investigated.for corruption and sexual escapades. Olmert himself was also subject to police investigation. Olemrt needed Peres support so Kadima voted en masse for Peres. I amphasize again, Peres DID marvelous service as thefather of Israeli industry, Dimona and purchases of arms. He never profited personaly from the deals. But being pereceived as B-G foot soldier along with Moshe Dayan and an intrigue master Peres was handicapped in running for PM or Presidency. Good Israeli, a patriot, at the end a political looser. Good men not alwasy finish firts

    from the article: Former President Moshe Katsav gets 7 years in jail for rape
    First published 09:03 22.03.11 | Last updated 09:03 22.03.11
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