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Michal Cherkesky, 36, who went missing during a blizzard on Mount Annapurna, Nepal.
Body of missing Israeli found in Nepal

36-year-old Michal Cherkesky's family has been notified, and embassy staff in Kathmandu are working to transfer her remains to Israel.

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New drugs to subdue the viral storm

Science are developing a new generation of drugs that may benefit people suffering from less-researched diseases such as Ebola.

Israel's rich and powerful mingle at rooftop party

A government minister, a Knesset member and the police chief celebrated the new Jewish year with businessman Eli Elezra. But they deny that they discussed politics.

Israeli emigration isn't a crisis, it's an opportunity

Discussions about emigration from Israel too often resemble the discourse about divorce: Any parting is perceived as a tragedy, even if the couple’s relationship was stifling and made them miserable.