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The year BDS became American Jews' no. 1 concern

Last academic year, Jewish groups faced the 'most organized campaign to demonize Israel,' says Hillel CEO. In response, Jewish organizations have shifted their strategy.

Shi'ites and Sunnis are tearing Yemen to shreds

The U.S. fears that the new Yemeni regime will stop working with them in the fight against Al-Qaida, since the Houthis have taken over the military power centers.

Sisters without mercy: Egypt's most infamous murder

The saga of Raya and Sakina, sisters who killed and robbed at least 17 women in early 20th-century Egypt, still inspires films, plays and books. Who were these women, and has the Egyptian public’s attitude toward them changed over the years?

Independence House, Tel Aviv.
Independence testimonies bring Israel’s birth to life

Tel Aviv’s Independence Hall is in the process of being renovated and transformed into a thriving museum.

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