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    • Joe
    • 18.09.06 | 20:48 (IDT)

    I begin this response with the following quote from reply #90. ?Likewise, I sincerly, request all of you not to judge Islam by act of some so called "Muslims". Its always the case of Islam which goes to court for a sin a few so called "Muslim". Please be aware that out of 100 billion muslims worldwide, there is a silent majority which hates violance and believe in religious tolerence and co-existance which they inherit from their beloved faith.? My question to the ?Silent Majority? is why allow these radicals to hijack your religion? Why does not the majority of peaceful Muslims you speak of, stand up for what they believe? The only way you will be able to take back your religion is to do it from within the religion. You cannot expect the other religions of the world to do it for you. I truly believe that if the ?Silent Majority? stood up to the radical islamist the other religions of the world would stand with you shoulder to shoulder. God whether it be Jesus, Jehovah or Allah would not condone the hijacking of a religion to justify terrorism or killing of people for the sole purpose of spreading that religion. I know some of you would want to quote history, I concede that point, yes the Catholic religion has had its violent past, but the key word here is past. Pope Benedict did not slip up, he did not make a mistake, he is too learned for that. He made a calculated statement that was meant to open the eyes of the entire world, not just Catholics, Christians or Muslims but everyone who claims to have and practice a faith. The actions of those of you who belittle, insult and bring up his youth are no better or are actually on the same level as what you accuse him of doing, spreading and voicing hatred. Would it be justified to accuse you of spreading hatred and war? Was that your intent? What Pope Benedict has done here is simple, he has placed an offer on the table to the ?Silent Majority? to stand up and talk to the other religions of the world. He has thrown down the gauntlet to the Silent Majority to rise up and take back their religion from these radicals. In closing I ask how many mosques have been fire bombed, since the fire bombing of the churches? Everyone likes to speak of the killing of innocent Muslims in Iraq and around the world, but is it not true that the majority of the innocents are killed by their fellow Muslim brothers? Just something to think about???.

    from the article: Political error or calculated move?
    First published 00:00 17.09.06 | Last updated 00:00 17.09.06
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Kako Yamena with her mother Yordanes, in an Israeli hospital after Kako was stabbed in 2014.
Eritrean carer of stabbed baby girl summoned to Holot detention center

The asylum seeker, 36, cared for Kako Yamena after she was stabbed by an Israeli man in Tel Aviv, in 2014.

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Israeli soldiers in Gaza during operation protective edge, 2014.
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