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    • zionist forever
    • 08.11.12 | 12:13 (IST)

    The reason things are worse today than anytime since oslo is because last time round Hussain Obama made Muslim outreach his obsession since day 1 of his presidency. He went to Cairo and effectively said all arab propaganda that they have been spewing for decades was true. Every opportunity he got he would try and harm Israel or humiliate by walking out the room when in talks with Bibi at the White House have his picture taken feet on his desk which was intended as an insult to Bibi. At the same time as Obama was obsessively trying to make the muslims happy his attempts at peace talks failed and the reason for that was he was not willing to bump heads and tell both Bibi & Abbas you both talk, you both give and take if talks break down I will make sure the whole world knows who is responsible. Instead he demanded everything from Bibi nothing from Abbas. If Bibi made an offer and Abbas didn't like it Obama didn't say to Abbas Bibi made an offer you reciprocate all that happened is he would go back to Bibi and say Abbas doesn't like your offer give more. Even when Bibi offered an unconditional 10 month building freeze Obama didn't tell Abbas you give now when Abbas said it wasn't good enough Obama just told Bibi its not good enough. If Obama wants progress he cannot be the friend to the Muslim world he so desperately wants to be because you can't make the Muslims your friend and at the same time presure Abbas to make concessions because the Muslim interpretation of peace process is we make a list of demands Israel gives nothing more to talk about and that is why the arabs its been nearly 20 years since oslo and things are worse than ever despite the fact a palestinian state was supposed to have been created within 5 years originally. Problem Arafat just demanded he was unwilling to compromise and Abbas hasn't been much better, the man has only last week said conceding right of return is not an option. If there is no chance of peace without ROR then what chance does Obama have if Abbas insists on it and Israel refuses? The problem every president has had was they have been wanting to start the race and go all the way to the finish line on their watch ( ego ) when instead the more practical way of doing things is baby steps .. he gets a concession from Israel thats not so huge that its going to bring huge condemnation but its something and and in exchange he deands something from the palestinians not so huge its going to cause an uproar It takes much longer and the end game might not happen on that individual presidents watch but better chance of reaching it. Obama is going to have to remember he can't have things all his own way and also how history remembers him is what he does for America not what he did in the Middle East so he needs to dedicate 99% of his presidency to getting the economy on track and creating jobs which he promised to and failed to do in 2008. He won again in 2012 by a small margin but most people were dissapointed with him and even the majority of people who did go with him only did so because they saw him as preferable to Romney not because they liked him or had done a good job as president so he has to prove he can fix America not leave that for the next guy whilst he spends all his time on foreign policy.

    from the article: Obama the Second
    First published 03:06 08.11.12 | Last updated 03:06 08.11.12
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