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    • zionist forever
    • 20.10.10 | 13:33 (IST)

    Bibi called Abbas to hold peace talks and Abbas refused unless Bibi agreed to a whole load of pre conditions before talks even start. Bibi made a good will gesture to encpourage Abbas to come talk of a 10 month settlement freeze ( something no other PM has made previouisly ). Still Abbas refused to talk saying the freeze was not enough. Finnaly in month 9 Obama dragged Abbas to the table kicking and screaming looking for anyway out that would leave Israel looking like the bad guy. The freeze came to an end so Abbas says I am not talking anymore unless you extend the freeze ( more pre conditions ). Bibi coalition would collapse if he made anymore goodwill gestures so he made a counter offer Abbas recognizes Israel as a jewish state in exchange for an extension of the freeze Abbas refused despite the fact that its eventually going to be a condition they will have to accept if they want an agreement. Abbas still demands Bibi drop his condition whilst he is unwilling to drop his own pre conditions. Abbas wants blackmail not negotiations. Bibi has offered a referendum on Jerusalems future, no PM can just offer to give up Jerusalem and survive Bibi has offered a referendum. Bibi is demanding the Jordan Valley and Israeli troops along the border so what the point of negotiation is you discuss all the issues. As usual palestinians want to say we demand this, that and the other and if Israel says it wants something that conflicts with our demands then Israel is trying to sabotage the peace process. Last week in an attempt tp blame Israel Abbas stupidly proudly went on the record and said if we ( palestinians ) were willing to compromise then we would have had an agreement long ago. He admits the palestinians uncompromising stance is the reason why we haven't reached an agreement. The palestinians are very good at playing victim and making sure that Israel is always he;d responsible when talks break down even if its the palestinians who are the responsible for the failure and in most cases they are the ones who were responsible.

    from the article: Does Israel want peace or to play the blame game?
    First published 01:32 20.10.10 | Last updated 01:32 20.10.10
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